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October 8, 2013

Hoboken HDR Photo of the Day – Schnackenberg’s Sign Renovated

Restaurant owner Eugene Flinn has been hard at work getting his third establishment in Hoboken ready for the anticipated throngs of stroller moms and their active kids  with his renovation of Schnackeberg’s at 1110 Washington Street. The venerable luncheonette is getting a makeover from the owner of Amanda’s and the Elysian Café and this sign renovation is just part of the overall process. The sheetrock is now up so its is likely just a few weeks to a month before this reborn place is open to the public. In the meantime this classic Hoboken sign gets preserved for at least another generation.


Hoboken Schnackenberg's Sign Renovated HDR 10-8-2013

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April 26, 2013

Photo of the Day–World Trade Center from Hoboken NY Waterway Ferry

World Trade Center Photo HDR 4-25-2013 Smaller

Today’s photo of the day is a snapshot taken yesterday of the World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower which now has its spire installed and most of the windows installed. The Twin Towers will always have a visual imprint in the minds of New Yorkers as well as the many commuters from New Jersey who remember those impressive buildings. The Freedom Tower now near completion will create a new focal point for downtown New York City. This photo is an HDR but utilizes a filter that makes it photo realistic. Below are mosaic and oil-ified versions of original photo.

World Trade Center Photo HDR 4-25-2013 smaller mosaic

World Trade Center Photo HDR 4-25-2013 Smaller oil painting

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April 15, 2013

Hoboken HDR Photo of the Day – Blooming Small Tree/Shrub on Garden Street

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Blooming Shrub on Garden Street Sprigntime Hoboken HDR 4-14-2013 smaller

TheBoken.com was the first website in Hoboken to establish a HDR photo of the day in the Spring of 2012. Other websites and blogs  across the country have had a photo of the day series since the beginning of blogs so it is hardly an original idea. The series of photos is just TheBoken.com’s way of finding unique angles and views of our beloved Mile Square and sharing them with readers. Of course readers can share their photos with the Boken.com as well and they don’t have to be HDR. For those interested in trying HDR photography TheBoken.com can share some starter links and info if you send your requests to theboken@gmail.com. Use this email as well to send any photo submissions you would like to share with Hoboken readers and elsewhere in NJ.

Today’s photo on Garden Street states that Spring is finally here in Hoboken. Go out and enjoy the flowers and hopefully your allergies won’t flare up too bad.

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April 13, 2013

Hoboken HDR Photo of the Day–Maxwell Place Street-scape with Spring Plantings

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Road Divider near Maxwell Place Hoboken HDR 4-7-2013

Spring is finally here in Hoboken. This HDR photo was taken up by Maxwell Place. When the flowers start blooming and the weather warms up a bit I enjoy to get outside and  walking around Hoboken even more to see the scenery.

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April 8, 2013

Hoboken Photo of the Day- 1600 Park Almost Ready for Field Surface

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1600 Park in Hoboken Ready for Resurface HDR 4-7-2013 smaller

Today’s Hoboken Photo of the Day is of 1600 Park. It is nearing the stage where it can get the field surface installed and that would be a welcome site to many of Hoboken’s children who participate in youth soccer.  Here is to progress on parks in Hoboken.

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March 27, 2013

Photo of the Day–Empire State Building on a Sunny Day from Hoboken

Empire State Building from Hoboken HDR 3-23-2013

Here is a view from Hoboken of the Empire State Building in New York City on a nice sunny day. Once again I used HDR technique to create a nice dynamic range but this time stayed away from making it look painterly on more like a high contrast photograph.

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March 26, 2013

Hoboken HDR Photo of the Day–Hudson Reporter Building Uptown Hoboken

Hudson Reporter Building HDR 1 small

Using the Nikon D600 and HDR software Photomatix Pro I was able to create these two HDR renderings of the Hudson Reporter building in HDR. Remember that TheBoken.com was the originator of the use of HDR photos for local Hoboken websites. Recently another blog has come late to the party. Nothing wrong with a little competition but I intend to follow my original vision of capturing Hoboken in unique ways using these techniques to show Hoboken in a positive way as well as some of the urban grit thrown in from time to time. Below is a black and white version of the same photo to show readers the various HDR techniques that can be used.  

Hudson Reporter Building HDR 2 mod small

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March 23, 2013

Hoboken Photo of the Day – Clouds over Midtown on Washington Street

8th and Washington Street Clouds Hoboken HDR

I took this photo last night and wanted to capture the clouds over Hoboken’s street-scape before retiring for the day in terms of picture taking. I really liked the cloud formation which prompted me to take this shot.

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March 22, 2013

Hoboken Photo of the Day – 9th and Washington Street HDR

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9th and Washington Photomatix Pro Mod 2 HDR smaller

This photo uses a subject that I have featured before for the Photo of the Day series, namely the corner of 9th and Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ. This residential building is one of the finest condos in Hoboken and looks good on the outside as well on the inside. This photo was taken with TheBoken’s new camera, the Nikon D600 which has an amazing sensor and 24 megapixel resolution. Holy hard drives Batman! The HDR processing was done using Photomatix Pro and some retouching was done in the Gimp2, a freeware program that does almost all of what Photoshop does. Photomatix Pro has some nice features and produces some really cool HDR effects that if used properly can yield some nice results. One of the artifacts that comes with amateur HDR photos is the “halo effect” which is not present in this photo. Some of my early HDR photos had it and it took some time learning how to eliminate it. I like this version better than my previous work since it uses subtlety to display the advantages of HDR photography.

So with these new tools I hope to produce even more quality HDR shots than before from Hoboken and beyond. Next stop Central Park, New York City (when the weather gets nicer).

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March 19, 2013

Photo of the Day–Coca Cola Sign Over Schnackenberg’s in Hoboken

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Sign Over Schnackeberg's Hoboken Coca Cola HDR Filters

Today’s Hoboken photo of the day uses both the photographic technique of HDR combined with several filtering programs and editing to produce this result.  The subject is the icon sign above Schnackenberg’s that promotes the number one soft drink brand in the world Coca Cola.

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