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March 11, 2012

Signs of the Times– “This Is Not Your Dog’s Personal Poop Box–Please Ack Up” – or Pick Up?

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Signs of the Times– “This Is Not Your Dog’s Personal Poop Box”

This neighborly sign caught TheBoken’s eye on Garden Street. A neighbor purportedly frustrated with someone’s dog pooping on their tree outside their home and not cleaning up afterwards put up this sign to get some sort of acknowledgement. The sign reads ““This Is Not Your Dog’s Personal Poop Box–Please Ack Up”. What does ack mean? According to an internet slang site Ack is “Disgust, frustration” or “Acknowledgement”. It is truly a sign of the times to see internet terminology hit the streets and the everyday lexicon.

The dog poop ordinance is rarely enforced in Hoboken with several years having no citations or only one actually issued. It appears one way to curb master from not cleaning up after Fido is to put reminders up that “hey, you live in community you know”? As Sir Mix-a-lot would say “Baby got ack”. So to the neighbor who is reneging on their dog owning obligations: How about you ack up and be a super duper pooper scooper and do your part to keep Hoboken clean and sanitary dog gone it? You wouldn’t want to be on “Shame on you” with Arnold Diaz now would you?  It is amazing in this town that the people concerned with quality of life are so concerned with people peeing in the Streets on St. Patty’s Day and yet some still let their dogs defecate in out streets and in front of our homes. Nick knack patty whack give this town a bone, this old sign has hit it home.

Update: Or as one reader suggested… it could just say please pick up. I am not faulting the sign writer one iota. I have terrible penmanship so no judgments here but the P and the I close together does look like an A from a certain angle. Apparently I have bad eye sight as well. Time for glasses. Thus, upon further examination the last part most likely is pick up and not ack up. Oh well. Senior moments are so much fun.


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January 19, 2012

Comedy Night 2012 To Benefit Hoboken Shelter at Willie’s 1/20/2012 at 7:30pm

Comedy Night 2012 To Benefit Hoboken Shelter

Friday, January 20, 2012, 7:30 PM

Willie McBride’s 616 Grand St, Hoboken, NJ 

Join the Hoboken Social Sandbox and Soul Joe Productions for their first Comedy Night of 2012. This show will benefit the Hoboken Shelter. Over 60 have signed up already. Come out and have a fun time and celebrate life’s funny moments for a good cause, the Hoboken Shelter.

Photo Courtesy of Soul Joe Productions

Description: Soul Joel Productions Presents Comedy Night at Willie McBrides. Featuring comedians from Comedy Central, HBO, Last Comic Standing, and XM/Sirius Radio. Each has some of the best comedians from all over the city.

Cost: $25 which includes cover charge and 2 drinks! Plus you get to stay after the show for the band for free!

Start Time: Doors open at 7:30 p.m., Show starts at 8:00 p.m.

Hosted by: Soul Joel

Featuring: Sergio Chicon http://www.sergiochicon.com/bio.htm and Hoboken’s own Matt Miller

Headliner: Kyle Grooms, he’s one of the biggest comics working in New York City. Check him out at http://kylegrooms.net/ Best known for his hilarious half-hour stand-up special on Comedy Central and his guest appearances on VH-1, NBC’s Last Comic Standing and Chappelle’s Show, Kyle started doing stand-up at a local Miami night club while holding down a day job as Art Director at the Spanish-language network Univision. After a few years honing his act in Miami, Kyle said goodbye to Spanish TV and returned to New Jersey, where he was born. Within just a few months, Kyle has become a regular on the New York City comedy scene. Kyle has performed at New York’s top comedy clubs, including Carolines, Comic Strip, Comedy Cellar and Gotham. He delivers an honest and intelligent view of the world and gives an intimate look into his life experiences growing up in the American melting pot. Kyle has a sharp sense of humor that appeals to a broad audience. His first comedy CD, The Legend of the Jersey Devil, was named one of iTunes’ Top 100 Comedy CD’s of 2009. Kyle has been featured on several television, radio and Internet broadcasts, including P-Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy, Jamie Foxx’s Laffapalooza, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, The Byron Allen Show, BET Comic View, Red Carpet Fashion, and for international flavor, Le Grande Journal in France. Kyle also has several appearances in national TV ad campaigns under his belt for companies including T-Mobile, Sears, Career Builders and Holiday Inn Express. Kyle continues to grow as an stand-up comedian, writer and actor and can be seen performing worldwide.

Opening acts and host to be announced!

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October 15, 2011

Batman and Robin want you on October 29th to ride for a cause October 29th 5-7pm!


Batman and Robin want you on October 29th to ride for a cause October 29th 5-7pm!

On October 29th Hoboken Batman and Robin and some other superhero friends are getting together to ride around Hoboken for a cause. The Hoboken Homeless shelter and Jubilee Center of Hoboken will both benefit from the ride. What will be deemed an unofficial SUPERHERO day in Hoboken, NJ will start at 5pm at Pier A by the fountain and will continue to approximately 7pm. A recommended donation of $10 is asked to participate. Riders can choose to come dressed up in any costume they want, even if it is not a superhero or come as you are and ride in your regular attire. When riding for a cause, you are already a hero and helping others.

Riders are asked to be safe and wear a recommended helmet. The ride which will circle Hoboken for about 2 hours will bring tons of smiles to everyone who will witness the spectacle. Riders are also reminded to obey all traffic laws and ride together in a pack in safe areas. For more information about the ride for a cause please visit the Hoboken Superheroes Facebook page or email midtownauthentic@gmail.com. All ages are welcome and a Riddler and a Joker would be appreciated.


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September 9, 2011

Is Batmanning the New Planking and Could it Catch on in Hoboken?

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Hoboken Batman Rides Washington Street 9-8-2011

Hoboken’s very own Batman was out last night (9/8/2011) on his bat bike doing his bat things. The Boken came home and saw this interesting article on “Batmanning” on our Facebook feed and had to look into it some more. 

First there was Planking then there was Owling. Cone-ing. Pillaring. Hawking, Headless Horsemaning, and now, Batmanning to add to the litany of position crazes on the internet. With Batmanning you have a photo taken of yourself hanging upside like a bat and then post it on the internet. I can’t see this craze catching on with older adults in Hoboken but could this start up as a fad at Stevens Institute? If it does my advice is to where a helmet. Batmanning looks dangerous when it fails and no one wants to end up like Gary Busey

Here is a funny video of Batmanning from the Linsbrothers:

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August 22, 2011

Tunes Record Store in Hoboken Sells Ramen Noodles for Broke Lazy Sluts!

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Tunes is now Hoboken’s only physical retail store to get music or video with the closing of Blockbuster but they are now branching out into food as well. Check out their latest offerings in a classic college life staple, the Ramen Noodle…

Wasted and Broke Ramen Noodles – A big hit at Stevens Institute and “May also be used as a dessert topping; delicious whole cow flavor”


Hello Lazy Ramen Noodles – “Almost Cooks Itself”


Soup for Sluts – “Cheap fast and Easy”


Note: At $1.99 a package, these gag gift items are not exactly for the budget conscious. You can generally go to the local supermarket and stock up on them for much cheaper. Still, what a funny idea to give to your colleagues to give them a good laugh.

Tunes Record store is located at 225 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ. They are thankfully still in business and have a good selection of cds, record albums and dvds. Kudos to the manager who thought of this gag gift idea. Hope it’s a good seller.

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April 27, 2011

Hoboken Pub (“Pup”) Crawl to Benefit LHS April 30th

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Another great excuse to tie one on in Hoboken for a good cause:

Hoboken Pub Crawl to Benefit Liberty Humane Society April 30 2011

Liberty Humane Society will be hosting a Pup Crawl in Hoboken for participants 21+ years and older. The participating bars will be Texas Arizona, Green Rock, Mulligans, Village Pourhouse and Oddfellows.

There will be raffle drawings for bar gift cards and drink specials. A few LHS dogs will be making appearances at the first stop, Texas Arizona, between 3pm-5pm.

Come join the fun and help us raise money for our LHS cats and dogs! Volunteer help will be needed. Invite friends, co-workers and family to join in the fun that day for a great cause. Tickets will be $20 if purchased on-line in advance or $25 the day of the event.

Go to www.libertyhumane.org/donate.php and click on the paw print to pre-order your pup crawl tickets!

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April 6, 2011

Funny Truck Gas Cap: Gas Prices Too Damned High!

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Reader and contributor Rory contributed this photo of the day which perhaps is a reflection of the high gas prices this year vs. last year’s prices.

Gas is too High Funny

Gas is too High Funny Truck

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