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August 22, 2013

Pier 13 in Hoboken to Host CASA Fundraiser Wednesday August 28th from 4-11pm

On Wednesday August 28th from 4-11pm, Pier 13 in Hoboken will be hosting a fundraising event for Hudson County CASA. For those who might not know CASA’s mission is to train volunteers to advocate on behalf of these displaced children, who have been abused and neglected, with the goal of finding each child a safe and permanent home.

Since 2003, Hudson County CASA has trained 149 volunteer advocates who have helped to place more than 150 children into permanent homes. CASA volunteers complete a comprehensive training program before being assigned to a case. Along the way, they work closely with a full-time CASA staff member whose job is to ensure our volunteers are successful in their advocacy.

So there you have it; great views with Pier 13 for a great cause Hudson County CASA.  A percentage of sales from Pier 13 and the food trucks will go towards this organization. Should there be rain the rain date is Thursday August 29th.

Hudson County CASA Event at Pier 13 Hoboken August 28 2013

For more information on Hudson County CASA go to their website at  http://www.hudsoncountycasa.org/.

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May 26, 2013

Pier 13 Now Open for Business in Hoboken – Stunning Views of NYC!

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The Hoboken Planning Board earlier this week approved Pier 13′s plans to re-open this year and they are now open this weekend. They are serving craft beers and mixed drinks and have 4 food trucks as of Sunday. The lawn has been recently re-sodded and that are is closed off for another 1 1/2 to 2 weeks until the grass as had time to take root.

The beer truck is not there this year but instead a bar has been set up at the back of the main building in the pier. Other than loud music at the kickoff last year for 4th of July this outdoor bar space has received strong community support. Well over 2,000 residents signed the petition in support of this establishment. All that was required this year is that the proper approvals came from Hoboken Planning Board. Some restrictions did apply like no beer truck but instead a bar out of the back of the building  but this space is able to run as a private bar on what is supposed to be public space and it is as it is open to the public whether you plan to drink or not.

The food trucks for Sunday included Luke’s Lobster, Pudgy’s Street Food, Hunger Construction and Munch Man Truck.  Pier 13 is located at 1301 Sinatra Drive.

Photos are below and were taken today with some amazing weather….

HDR photos of the NYC view and Bar:

Pier 13 Hoboken  View of NYC HDR 5-26-2013 rotated smaller

Hoboken Pier 13 HDR View of Hoboken 5-26-2013 Smaller

Pier 13 Bar Hoboken HDR 5-26-2103 smaller

Photos of the Food Trucks on Sunday:

Pier 13 Hoboken Luke's Lobster 5-26-2013

Pier 13 Hoboken Hunger Construction 5-26-2013

Pudgy's Street Food Pier 13 Hoboken

Munch Man Truck Pier !3 Hoboken 5-26-2013

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July 30, 2012

Frosty Pooch Goes Mobile with Dog Snacks on the go

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Frosty Pooch

Move over Mr. Softee, there is a new truck in town and it’s only for pooches. There was a full scale dog treat snack truck sitting next to Church Square Park on Sunday morning offering a wide array of regular and organic treats for your 4 pawed friends. It is called the Frosty Pooch it’s a wonderful new addition to Hoboken.

- Rory Chadwick

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July 4, 2012

Pier 13 Beer List and Photos from Pre-Opening Day

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Pier 13 Hoboken Pre Opening Day

Pier 13 is now open for business in Hoboken near the uptown ferry pier. Below is their craft brew beer list and some photos from the day before opening.


Pier 13 Pre Opening Day Beer Truck

Pier 13 Hoboken Pre Opening Day Pier 13 Hoboken Pre Opening Day Pier 13 Hoboken Pre Opening Day Shorty's Pier 13 Hoboken Pre Opening Day Taco Truck

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July 2, 2012

Update: Pier 13 Beer Garden to Open in Hoboken July 4th! Cover Charge Price Set

Update July 2,2012:
Please note that the cover for the 4th of July event will be $10 from 12pm-3pm and after 3pm it’s $20 at Pier 13. This new venue will be open regularly after the 4th of July so this is not a one time event. Some people had inquired to TheBoken.com. The festivities start at 12pm. The fireworks will be around or after 9pm or so.

Original Post June 16th, 2012:

Pier 13 Beer Garden to Open in Hoboken July 4th

Pier 13, a new  Beer Garden on an uptown Pier in Hoboken is having their grand opening July 4th, just in time for the Macy’s Fireworks display. This new venture is headed up by Darren Conway and Rebecca Tarantino from the Chandelier Room.  The location is 1301 Sinatra Drive and it is the Pier that is just South of the New York Waterways Ferry on 14th Street.

They will have the following offerings as part of outdoor bar experience…

  • Great views of NYC (of course).
  • Rotating Food Trucks such as Luke’s Lobster, The Taco Truck, Shorty’s, Eat at Crisp, Max’s Hot Dogs and Amanda’s Bananas with possibly even more on the way. They will be on a rotational basis.
  • An American Craft beer selection run this year from a beer truck.
  • Mixed drinks and bottled beers.
  • Frozen drinks including margaritas, coladas, daiquiris, and frozen lemonade.
  • A kids section in the front for the stroller crowd and over 21 area where alcohol will be served. The owners are trying to encourage an atmosphere where all are welcome but the adults can still play as well.
  • Location next to the ferry could mean that is becomes a happy hour destination

The Grand opening for Pier 13 will start at 12pm and feature guest DJs Dalton, Chachi and Raphael Valentino.  This will be an ideal place to watch the fireworks as the show is on the Hudson again this year.

Pier 13 Logo

Editor’s Note: The logo for this new Beer Garden is P13R and is more a play on words than an homage to sci-fi and Star Wars fans of R2D2. Geeks will be certainly welcome due to their disposable incomes but it should be noted that the name of the establishment is Pier 13 and not P-1-3-R. But what is in a name anyway? Branding is important but good food and drink and service even more so. Here is wishing Darren and Rebecca luck in their new venture. When I met with them they seemed very excited about the possibilities. In addition the few people I talked after finding out about this were also enthused, especially about the craft beers and the over 21 years of age section. Nothing like TheBoken.com being a mini-focus group. Ha ha.

Below is a view from Pier 13 of the New York City skyline including the Empire State Building. Imagine kicking back with a few American craft beers with your buddies and this view. You will be able to imagine soon enough.

Empire State Building from Pier 13 in Hoboken

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May 15, 2012

Molly’s Milk Truck Grand Opening Sunday May 20th 12-5pm on Frank Sinatra Drive near Pier A Park

Molly's Milk Truck Truck

Molly’s Milk Truck Grand Opening – Tented Block Party

Sunday May 20th from 12:00pm to 5:00PM

Frank Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ

Molly’s Milk Truck is having their Grand Opening on Sunday, May 20th from 12:00pm-5:00pm. The Mayor of Hoboken will be there at 1:00p for their ribbon cutting ceremony! They will have a huge tent and live DJ on Frank Sinatra Drive, near the fountain between Newark and 1st! There will be free food, merchandise and other goodies will be given out throughout the day! They are working to pair up with a bar in Hoboken for $3-$5 drink specials! Feel free to invite your friends and family too! RSVP if you are coming to be entered into a free raffle! The owners of this promising new food truck hope to see you there!

Link to Facebook Event to RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/108872925915947/

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April 30, 2012

New Food Truck in Hoboken May 18th–Molly’s Milk Truck

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Molly's Milk Truck Truck

This was just tweeted yesterday from @AlbieManzo. Molly’s Milk truck will debut in Hoboken the weekend of May 18th according to this tweet….


Molly's Milk Truck Tweet Hoboken 4-30-2012

If the food is anywhere near half as good as the picture shown below. Hoboken is in for one heck of  a treat. Check back with Molly’s Milk Truck on Twitter as may 18th gets closer at @MollysMilkTruck.  A few months back there was some buzz about the recent changes in Hoboken’s Food Truck Laws and them discouraging any food trucks from coming to Hoboken. It looks like that hubris once again is unfounded as a promising new business seems poised to make a go of it.

Molly's Milk Truck Food collage 4-30-2012

Molly’s Milk Truck

Location: Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

Phone: 201 50-FOODY (201.503.663)

Website: http://mollysmilktruck.com/

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September 25, 2011

Taco Truck of Hoboken Wins 7th Annual Vendy Award for Best New Jersey Food Truck!

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Taco Truck Tweets They won Vendy Awards 2011 Best New Jersey Food Truck 9-24-2011

Yesterday the 7th Annual Vendy Awards was held on Governors Island. Three Hoboken food trucks were up for the Best Food Truck in New Jersey and the Taco Truck of Hoboken won that prize according to their tweet yesterday. Congratulations to the Taco Truck for winning this prestigious honor! You have made Hoboken proud. Kudos to Cinnamon Snail and Two Pitas in a Pod for representing Hoboken as well.

For more information on the competition that was held yesterday go to: http://streetvendor.org/vendys/

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September 23, 2011

7th Annual Vendy Awards has 3 Hoboken Finalists

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7th Annual Vendy Awards This weekend the 7th Annual Vendy Awards will be held on Saturday September 24th from 12:30pm–5pm on New York City’s Governors Island. There are three truck vendors from Hoboken that are finalists for the best food truck in New Jersey. The three finalists are The Taco Truck, Two Pitas in Pod, and The Cinnamon Snail. Which one do you think is the best in terms of food and consistency? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Link to Story: http://streetvendor.org/vendys/finalists-nj

Taco truck truckThe Taco Truck

Chefs/Owners: Jason Scott, Shachar Scott, Chris Viola, Paris Retana and Gustavo Valladares.
Food: All-natural, authentic Mexican street food.
Location:The Taco Truck bounces from Hoboken, Jersey City and Newark, NJ .
Lunch, Tuesday-Thursday, 11:30am-2:30pm
Dinner, Tuesday-Thursday, 5:30pm-8:30pm
Twitter: @TheTacoTruck
Website:  http://www.thetacotruck.com

two pitas in a podTwo Pitas in a Pod

Chefs/Owners: Athos Kyriakides (Co-Pita), Scot Sherwood (Co-Pita) & Jaybird Manfredonia (Sous-Chef). Two Pitas, One Pod, One Bird.
Food: Mediterranean eats ‘n Frites & fusion specials from around the world.
Location: Hoboken, Newark & Jersey City
Twitter: @TwoPitasInAPod
Website: http://twopitasinapod.com

Cinnamon Snail TruckThe Cinnamon Snail

Chef/Owner: Adam Sobel
Food: Organic Vegan Breakfast, Lunch and Pastries
Location: Hoboken-waterfront, as close to the train station as they find parking.

Breakfast and Brunch Thursday –Sunday, 9:00 am. -3:00 pm. Lunch Thursday –Sunday, 11:30 am -3:00 pm.
Website:  http://www.cinnamonsnail.com

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September 5, 2011

Taco Truck Schedule for 9/5/2011–9/11/2011

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The Taco Truck is on the go this week with the following schedule and they have two appearances in uptown Hoboken this week…

Taco Truck Schedule 9-5-2011 9-11-2011

The Hoboken dates and times for this week for the truck are as follows:

  • Tuesday 9/6 5-8:30pm 14th and Shipyard
  • Wednesday 9/6 5-8:30pm 14th and Shipyard

Note: Schedule is subject to change so check with @thetacotruck or their Facebook page for the most recent updates.

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