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August 23, 2013

Traffic to be Impacted Near Pulaski Skyway Starting August 23rd

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If you are driving back to Hoboken or out of Hoboken during the next few weekends this should not be the best of news….

New Jersey Department of Transportation Announces Series of Traffic

Pattern Impacts Near Pulaski Skyway in August 

Preparatory work will culminate with a full weekend closure
later this month for floor beam replacement
over the Tonnelle Circle in Jersey City

Pulasky Skyway August Traffic Detour New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) today announced that the necessary installation of a new pier floorbeam, located over the Tonnelle Circle in Jersey City on the Route 1&9 Pulaski Skyway, requires a series of associated lane and ramp closures this month, culminating in a full closure of the entire Skyway in both directions for the weekend of August 23.

The Skyway provides four travel lanes for motor vehicles, two in each direction separated by a center barrier. All Route 1&9 traffic will be detoured from 9:00 p.m. Friday night, August 23 until around 5:00 a.m. on Monday, August 26. Route 1&9 northbound will be closed at the Skyway entrance near Newark Liberty Airport, while Route 1&9 southbound will be closed at the ramp from Route 139 westbound to the Tonnelle Circle. Access to the Skyway for Route 1&9 southbound motorists at the ramp located west of the Tonnelle Circle will be maintained.  Furthermore, the ramps from the Tonnelle Circle to Route 139 eastbound will be closed for this weekend.

In addition, a long term truck detour for all large-truck traffic from Tonnelle Avenue headed for Route 139 eastbound lower level (Holland Tunnel approach) is scheduled to be implemented on Saturday, August 17 and remain in place for approximately two-to-three weeks until early-September.

The work is associated with Contract 1 of the $1 billion project to rehabilitate the Pulaski Skyway, an 80-year-old elevated highway that carries 67,000 motor vehicles per day between Newark and Jersey City and serves as an express link for cars and buses to and from the Holland Tunnel. The massive improvement project will extend the life of the Skyway by 75 years.

Kiska Construction, Inc., NJDOT’s construction contractor for the ongoing Contract 1, is removing the existing concrete encasement at the eastern end of the Skyway to determine the condition of the underlying steel within the structure. The majority of the steel uncovered to date has been determined to be in good condition, with the exception of some of the floor beams located at the expansion joints. NJDOT will be erecting temporary support structures at twenty-one expansion joint locations within this section of the Skyway. These temporary supports will remain in place until such time that the existing floor beams are removed and replaced. The replacement of the floor beams will be completed under three separate construction contracts, and the work will require numerous full weekend closures of the entire Skyway.

NJDOT will be replacing one floorbeam – located on the eastern side of the Tonnelle Circle – this month as an additional priority item to the ongoing Contract 1. This work is planned for the weekend of August 23 and will require the full weekend closure of the Skyway as noted. Per current schedule, one floor beam will be replaced under Contract 3 and the remaining nineteen floorbeams will be replaced under Contract 4.

In advance of the full Skyway closure planned for August 23, the contractor will be preparing the work location and installing temporary supports, shielding and other safety measures. This work – which will result in a temporary reduction in height to a maximum clearance of ten (10) feet for vehicles passing through the Tonnelle Circle towards Route 139 eastbound – will require the truck detour noted above.

Additionally, a series of lane and ramp closures in and around the Tonnelle Circle area, connecting with the Pulaski Skyway and Route 139 eastbound, will be implemented during overnight hours and on weekends, beginning on August 12 and lasting through the end of the month. The ramp from Tonnelle Avenue northbound to Route 139 eastbound will be closed full time for this period, starting on August 17. When the ramps are reopened permanently in early-September, the right-lane ramp from Route 1&9T to Route 139 eastbound will remain with a reduced clearance of eleven (11) feet for up to one year. Truck traffic will then be directed to use the left-lane ramp at this location. A video visualization is available online to help motorists understand these associated impacts.

The Pulaski Skyway rehabilitation project – which is being advanced through 10 separate construction contracts into the year 2020 – will transform the Skyway from its current poor condition into one that is in a state of good repair. The construction contracts for Contract 2 (Schiavone Construction Co.) and Contract 3 (CCA Civil Inc.)  were awarded in late-June.

In January 2013, NJDOT announced a construction plan that will require a complete diversion of northbound motorists from the Skyway for approximately two years – starting after the Super Bowl in 2014 – while the existing deck of the 3.5-mile long structure that carries Route 1&9 traffic is replaced. Two southbound travel lanes will be maintained during this phase of the rehabilitation project.

NJDOT created a project-specific website - www.pulaskiskyway.com - which contains a wealth of information about the Skyway and the project, and will be updated with relevant new information as work progresses. The Department is carefully coordinating the Pulaski Skyway project with other regional transportation infrastructure projects to minimize traffic congestion.

Dynamic message signs The precise timing of the work is subject to change due to weather or other factors. Motorists are encouraged to check NJDOT’s traffic information website www.511nj.org for real-time travel information.

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August 2, 2013

Construction for Street Repaving in Hoboken to Begin on or About August 6

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The latest from the City of Hoboken on street repaving. Nothing yet for Washington Street but that would actually require support from the City Council with a majority from operational funds or a super majority for bonding.

City of Hoboken Repaving 8-6-2013

On or about August 6, 2013, construction will commence on repaving of various roads in Hoboken. This work is funded by the City of Hoboken and the New Jersey Department of Transportation. This project consists of milling and resurfacing of the following streets:

1) 12th Street between Willow Avenue and Bloomfield Street (Aug 6-8)
2) Madison Street between 11th Street and 15th Street (Aug 6-8)
3) Monroe Street between 3rd Street and 6th Street (Aug 7-8)
4) 4th Street between Hudson Street and Sinatra Drive (Aug 7-8)

Updated information on the order of construction work and specific dates of construction for each street will be posted as it becomes available to the city website.

There will be some inconvenience for access to and from the residences and businesses during milling and paving operations. For the paving operations, please remove your vehicles by 7:00 A.M., and access will be limited until the end of the day. Every effort will be made to assure that the inconveniences are minimal. All work will be completed as quickly as possible.

Please be aware of the “No Parking” signs and construction/detour signs that will be posted along the roadway.

Any questions or specific concerns you may have can be addressed by contacting Mr. Michael Nannini of Boswell McClave Engineering at 201-373-8903.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing due to the construction activities and appreciate your cooperation.

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June 26, 2013

City of Hoboken Construction Progress for 1600 Park and Sinatra Park

Here are the latest updates on park construction and re-construction for 1600 Park and Sinatra Park from the City of Hoboken….


Hoboken Construction Progress 1600 Park Sinatra Park 6-26-2013
Progress continues to be made on two major parks projects: the new 1600 Park and the waterfront soccer field at Sinatra Park. Due to soft soil conditions found at 1600 Park, it was necessary to revise the design to strengthen the foundation for the field lighting. The lights are critical so the field can be used after dark and accommodate the high demand for field use by all ages in the community.

1600 Park

This week, drilling is taking place for the foundations needed to install light poles at 1600 Park. Drilling 60 feet to the bedrock for foundations is complicated by the presence of various nearby utilities. The City thanks PSE&G and United Water for their tremendous collaboration during this process. United Water will be shutting off and rerouting water of a nearby 12” water main during drilling. This Saturday, PSE&G will install extensions so that overhead wires are not impacted by the drilling equipment and the work can be safely completed. This work may require Willow Avenue to be partially closed. County Sheriff officers will be on the scene to direct traffic. The City contractor used hand tools to dig through an area near a steel gas main, and PSE&G will be using vibration detectors to ensure drilling is performed safely. Pouring of the concrete for the foundations is scheduled for the end of the week. Concurrently, work is taking place to prepare the restrooms and storage facilities building. In early July, the contractor will start installing the sports lights, fence and turf. The benches, restrooms, slide, and dog run will be installed shortly thereafter.

Sinatra Park

At Sinatra Park, pile driving is complete and sheet piles have been installed to hold back the soil. Last week, construction began for the new pre-cast concrete pier structure which is the foundation upon which the new soccer field and walkway will be built. The steel-reinforced concrete beams were poured off-site and are in the process of curing. Delivery and installation of the beams will begin at the end of this week and next week. At Castle Point Park, pile driving will soon begin to repair the waterfront walkway.

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April 30, 2013

Noise Issues with 225 River Street Construction Project from Hoboken Resident – City Council Meeting 5/15 Possibly Extending Construction to Saturday

City of Hoboken Update: At the request of SJP Properties, the resolution to consider a waiver to the noise ordinance will be heard on Wednesday, May 15th rather than May 1st.

Hoboken resident Ariel Bucher has issues with the construction going on at 225 River Street past the normal allotted hours according to the City of Hoboken’s noise ordinance. At the meeting tomorrow night 7pm on May 1st, 2013 the City Council will vote up or down the extension of construction to Saturdays for this site. Residents impacted by this purported off normal hours construction are encouraged to attend. Both Ariel’s note and the City of Hoboken press release on this topic are below….

To Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the Members of the Hoboken City Council,

I am writing in regards to the proposed waiver for the 225 River Street Construction project, which will be discussed at Wednesday’s City Council meeting. The email informing residents about this waiver was just sent out this evening, only two days in advance.

225 River Street Constuction Hoboken 4-27-2013

As you can see from the correspondence below, I previously contacted the Mayor’s office and filed a noise ordinance violation complaint on the Hoboken City government website. I have heard and seen construction occurring at this site outside of permissible hours (including starting at 7:40am) several times, but my first complaint was for Saturday, April 13th. I was told by the Mayor’s Office on Monday, April 15th by phone that the 225 River project was actually shut down by police that Saturday – that police “stayed until the workers shut down and locked up the site.”

I was told that there have been problems with this project, and that other residents have filed complaints similar to mine. Finally, I was told to call any time I heard or saw construction occurring outside the permissible hours – that the city “wanted to know if they [the construction project] were continuing to violate the noise ordinance.” 

I am frankly astounded that a construction project that knowingly violated this city’s noise ordinances, and was forcibly shut down by the Hoboken Police on at least one occasion (Saturday April 13th), is actually being considered for favorable treatment by this city’s council. I have grave concerns about this request – not only because the few quiet hours that remain for the residents here in this area are being threatened, but also that such a violator of the law suffered no penalties and in fact may get a waiver – a reward - for their illegal behavior. [Note: It turns out that the developer has a right to apply for a Saturday permit with the Hoboken City Council as they are the redevelopment authority on this project. It will be up to the City Council to approve or deny this exception and extension of construction hours]

I live at 235 Hudson Street, in the Hudson Square North building, on a 10th floor unit with a balcony facing south. The noise from the 225 River Street construction project is so loud that on the 10th floor, I still hear the work noise while wearing earplugs. I am a second year law student and work from home frequently, and have had an extremely difficult time working during the construction hours.

I am absolutely sickened by the thought of construction now continuing on Saturdays. I specifically left Manhattan to a “bedroom community” with a better quality of life and less noise. After moving here immediately after Hurricane Sandy, and all the trials and tribulations that came with it, to now be subjected to this noisy and disruptive project all week as well as the weekend is extremely disheartening.

I will be attending Wednesday’s meeting. I am about to begin my law school finals, but must take the time out because I cannot believe what this city’s council is proposing. I am also forwarding this email to local news agencies, so that local residents are aware of this situation. I am confident that many other residents share my concerns, both those that have contacted the Mayor’s office previously and those that will likely do so if this waiver were to pass. 

I would be happy to discuss these concerns with you before the meeting. Please contact me via email or phone. 

Ariel Bucher
New York University School of Law J.D. Candidate, 2014

From the City of Hoboken:


Residents are advised that on Wednesday, May 1st  May 15th, the City Council will consider a request by SJP Properties to do construction work on Saturdays at the Waterfront Corporate Center III, located at 225 River Street. The City’s noise control ordinance does not permit for construction to take place on Saturdays without a waiver from the approving board. Since the project is part of a Redevelopment Area, the City Council, as the Redevelopment Agency, has jurisdiction over granting or denying a waiver.

Previously, SJP’s contractor commenced work on Saturdays out of concern for meeting deadlines with their anchor tenant. After the City advised SJP that they could not work on Saturdays, the developer requested a waiver to conduct work on Saturdays, stating: “Saturday construction has become necessary to ensure the project meets the construction milestones required in the lease agreement with the anchor tenant, Pearson Education. The project is currently behind schedule to meet these milestones.”

The noise control ordinance requires that waiver requests be submitted along with a noise mitigation plan. The public hearing for the resolution to grant a waiver request will be an opportunity for the public to express their concerns and for the City Council to ask questions of the developer.

SJP is developing a 500,000 square foot office and retail building – the final site of Hoboken’s 26-acre waterfront, mixed use master plan neighborhood. Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, has signed a 200,000-square-foot lease at the property and will be the site’s anchor tenant. Pearson is scheduled to relocate approximately 900 employees from its current offices in Upper Saddle River and Old Tappan to Hoboken, and will occupy five floors of Waterfront Corporate Center III.

Chapter 133-9C of the City code states:

“All construction and demolition activity, excluding emergency work, shall not be performed between the hours of 6:00 p.m., and 8:00 a.m. on weekdays or at any time during weekends and federal holidays. Work crews may be on site between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. to do preparatory work, but no motorized equipment, including but not limited to pile drivers, jackhammers, riveters, stone breakers, cranes, earthmoving equipment, compressors, saws and cutting equipment, and any other such equipment that is plainly audible beyond the real property line, shall be operated before 8:00 a.m. Work may take place after hours and on weekends only with express authorization from the approving Board and only after a noise mitigation plan has been submitted to that Board. At all other times, the limits set forth in Tables I, II or III do not apply. All motorized equipment used in construction and demolition activity shall be operated with a muffler and/or sound reduction device.”

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April 26, 2013

City of Hoboken: Construction to Begin on Traffic Signal at Jackson St and Newark St on Monday, April 29

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The latest construction update from the City of Hoboken…

Construction to Begin on Traffic Signal at Jackson St and Newark St on Monday, April 29:

On Monday, April 29, Hudson County will begin construction work to install a new traffic signal at the corner of Jackson Street and Newark Street.  Following the installation of this signal, two additional traffic signals will be installed at Harrison Street and Paterson Avenue, followed by River Street and Newark Street.  The County is also installing a traffic and pedestrian crossing signal at 16th Street and Park Avenue to provide safe access to the new park under construction at 1600 Park.

City Seal Hoboken TheBoken

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April 4, 2013

Hoboken Community Message: Excavation Work to Begin on Monroe Street for Resurfacing Project April 4th

The latest from the City of Hoboken on Street repairs and repaving…..

Hoboken City Hall HDR Mod 4x6

Hoboken Community Message: Excavation Work to Begin on Monroe St for Resurfacing Project

As part of repaving work planned for this year on Monroe Street from 3rd Street to 6th Street, excavation for handicap ramps will begin on Thursday, April 4 at Monroe Street and 6th Street. The contractor will be at Monroe Street through the end of the week, working south to 3rd Street.

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January 27, 2013

Re-Construction of Sinatra Park Underway- Excavation Underway

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Excavation at Hoboken Sinatra Park

A friend of TheBoken.com’s asked about the construction at Sinatra Park. I figured it was best to go out and get some exercise and see for myself and share a few photos with readers. It is the dead of winter and it does not surprise me that my friend and others might not be aware of the progress being made down by the Hudson River. It appears the a massive excavation effort is underway as evidenced in the photo above. The photo below shows the lumber that was used to support the field. The problem with the previous design (as I understand it in layman’s terms)  was that there was no seawall built and thus over time the lumber became weak and the field was declared structurally unsound after a partial collapse. A large crane has been brought in to assist with the excavation. Here is hoping the new plan will be more structurally sturdy and last many decades before needing a major over hall.

Hopefully this answers my friend’s question a bit.

Excavation at Hoboken Sintra Park

Construction Crane at Hoboken Sinatra Park

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July 27, 2012

14th Street Viaduct Detour for Westbound Traffic Starting Around August 13th 9am -3pm for Ten Weeks!

First the Good news, the 14th Strete Viaduct is being rebuilt, The bad news is you will have a detour coming soon to Hoboken uptown. Below is some important information for those who drive in the Northern section of town. This detour is set to take place near August 13th , 2012 and will effect the area around the 14th Street Viaduct which is being rebuilt due to previous structural deficiencies……



On or about August 13, 2012 and lasting for approximately 10 weeks, traffic on the 14th Street Viaduct will be closed in the west-bound direction from 9am to 3pm. East-bound traffic will remain open.

The contract for construction of the viaduct called for the complete closure of the viaduct at night to install 50 beams that average 120 feet long. This work is not noise-free, but was expected to be done at night in August and September to reduce daytime traffic delays.

After further consideration, the contractor indicated that they can leave one lane open on the viaduct if they were permitted to work during the day. The hours of lane closure would be from 9am to 3pm to avoid peak period traffic. Traffic congestion is still expected, but the benefit of the daytime detour is to not disturb area residents at night from the noise. Mayor Zimmer is thankful to Hudson County for working to find an alternative to nighttime construction.

There is no additional cost or time involved with the detour change. Sheriffs will be stationed at each end of the viaduct and would, as necessary, allow emergency vehicles through. The century-old Viaduct will be completely replaced as part of a $45 million dollar infrastructure upgrade of this section of Northwest Hoboken overseen by the County.

14th Street Viaduct Traffic Detour– Daytime (9AM to 3PM) – Eastbound open/Westbound closed

Westbound Traffic Detour Description:

Southern Detour:

  • From Viaduct to Willow Avenue (South)
  • Right to Newark Street
  • Right to Observer Highway
  • Right to Paterson Avenue
  • Straight to Paterson Plank Road
  • Straight to Viaduct approach

Northern Detour:

  • From Viaduct to Willow Avenue (North)
  • Left to 19th Street
  • Right to Hackensack Plank Road
  • Left to Palisade Avenue
  • Left to Paterson Plank Road
  • Left to Viaduct approach


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May 15, 2012

Update on River Street Resurfacing Work in Hoboken

From the City of Hoboken, an update on River Street resurfacing work to being on May 16th…



In response to the community’s concerns about nighttime milling and paving, the remainder of the resurfacing work on River Street between Hudson Place and 4th Street previously scheduled to take place during overnight hours this week has been rescheduled to occur during daytime hours. Residents and visitors are advised to expect traffic delays in the area and to consider alternate routes. Milling work is scheduled to resume at 9am on Wednesday, May 16, with paving work tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 17. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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May 14, 2012

Maxwell Place Construction in Hoboken

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Maxwell Place Construction HDR1

There is substantial construction going on at Maxwell Place in Hoboken  with another building going up as per original plans. Construction is scheduled to go until 2014 before completion of the new building. With Real Estate picking up in Hoboken again this seems like a logical time for the developer to complete the project build. The current residents and neighbors will have to learn how to put up with the construction for another 2 years.

Video-Photos- Maxwell Place Construction in Hoboken 5-13-2012:

Photos- Maxwell Place Construction in Hoboken 5-13-2012:

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