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September 28, 2012

Hoboken Tacos Coming Soon to 98 Willow Ave in Hoboken

Thanks to reader TheBankRobber for this tip: Hoboken Tacos is coming to 98 Willow Avenue in Hoboken soon. Not much more is known at this point but the question of the day is with the Taco Truck nearby is there enough demand for tacos in Hoboken? Perhaps the new place will carve out a new niche in Hoboken and tacos won’t go the over-saturated route of falafel in town.

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February 27, 2012

Hoboken Girl’s Guide to Healthy Hoboken Eating

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to come out of Hoboken hibernation and get fit and ready for the warmer weather. There are a large variety of eateries and bars, and it can sometimes be tough to stay healthy while galivanting in Hoboken. So in an effort to help you stay healthy and prep for bathing suit season, I’ve compiled an abbreviated list of places and food menu options for when you’re out and about but still trying to go light…

1. Trinity Bar and Grill:

Portabello Mushroom Wrap – I recently ordered this, it was delicious! The chickpeas (versus a side of fries) are a healthy and lean boost of protein as well.

Blackened Salmon and Avocado Wrap – a yummy and healthy option for a wrap.

*FYI: Avocado contains great nutrients such as vitamin K, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and is a wonderful source of antioxidants, lending itself well to the promotion of a healthier cardiovascular system and a skinny waistline. When in doubt- go with avocado! Not to mention it’s delicious.

2. Wicked Wolf:

Grilled Veggie Wrap on Whole Wheat – similar to the popular turkey wrap, but the veggie option. I just can’t get enough sauteed veggies! Yum.

Harvest Pear Salad: Mixed greens topped with grilled chicken breast, blue cheese, dried cranberries and pecans served with balsamic vinaigrette - take my word for it, it’s delicious.

    • FYI: Wicked Wolf’s salads are available with grilled chicken breast, grilled thick sliced steak, grilled shrimp or sauteed shrimp for an additional charge…I’d recommend grilled shrimp or chicken if you’re trying to stay lean.

3. Clinton Social:

Vegetarian Stuffed Pepper: This bad boy contains some delicious flavors (plaintains, red peppers, red pepper coulis, basmati rice), and after taking your first bite, you won’t be able to put it down.

Yellowfin Tuna: Pepper-dusted, wasabi-whipped potatoes, julienned vegetables with a soy-ginger glaze.

*FYI: Tuna is a truly a nutrient-dense food. It’s an excellent source of protein, and it’s rich in minerals like selenium, magnesium, and potassium; vitamin B, and omega-3.

4. Mikie Squared:

Cindy is ALWAYS on a Diet SaladThis delicious salad is a little embarrassing to ask for by name, but it’s worth it. Grilled chicken with grilled vegetables & avocado with a side of honey balsamic vinaigrette…low carb and delicious. It really doesn’t get better. The sauteed veggies are delicious and go perfectly with the honey basalmic.

Grilled Salmon – Says the menu, “Drizzled in a delectable dill creme sauce with rice & grilled vegetables.” Can’t go wrong with fish and veggies (and a glass of pinot).

5. Marty O’Brien’s Social Club had three options you might want to try:

Grilled Eggplant with fresh mozzarella, grilled roasted red peppers, tomato, balsamic glaze.

Seared Tuna Salad – Mixed greens with mandarian oranges, red peppers, snow peas, goat cheese, balsamic dressing. Did I mention I love basalmic dressing?

Vegetable Stir Fry- Fresh seasonal vegetables, teriyaki sauce, and rice – add chicken or shrimp for some extra protein (but hold the steak if you want to keep it light)!
Regardless of where you choose to wine and dine in Hoboken, make your options healthy when possible. A few simple rules to follow to stay lean: order your food grilled not fried, hold the cheese when you can, and fill up on veggies before diving into the salty appetizers and other indulgences.
Happy (almost) spring!
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January 20, 2012

Fashion: Maxwell’s 9.13.34 Daphine Guiness Inspired Collage

Here is a note from Maxwell’s 9.13.34 owner Deb Maxwell on her Daphne Guinness inspired jewelry collage. Maxwell’s 9.13.34 is a small boutique located between 5th and 6th Streets and Court Street and is open Saturday and Sunday’s from 12pm-7pm….

Dear Friends,

Some shared inspiration from living style icon, Daphne Guinness. So many of the great ladies are past tense. She’s under 50, a self-stylist who opts for supporting designers by purchasing her wardrobe & accessories rather than the borrow it/hand-out seeking publicity variety, & on her style says, “I’m not a conformist. I don’t think I belong to any category”. How refreshing to see a modern day icon not enslaved to a homogenous uniform. She’s a true one-off.

As for one-off’s, here are some treasures inside the red doors at Maxwell’s 9.13.34….

Daphne Guinness quotes: “The thing about Jewelry is, it doesn’t have to be real!”

On wearing jewelry every day she says: ” I hate to keep things in the bank. When are you going to wear jewelry if not now? When you’re dead? Best is for every day!”

On fashion:Fashion today is becoming more beige. Everything and everything is starting to look the same – almost like a Mao uniform. We should be flying the flag for individuality!” 


Menu of Item Featured in Maxwell 9.13.34′s Daphine Inspired Collage:
  1. Top left- CA 1950′s/’60′s MAJOR SIGNED NAPIER 5 STRAND LUCITE NECKLACE $165.00-  14″ shortest strand / 20″ longest, this major icicle of a piece is strung on gold tone cable with gold bead dividers. She’s built to   last & enjoys a beautiful gold flourish clasp. Mint condition. (http://www.maxwells91334.com   Go to JEWELRY / then to NECKLACES pg. 1).
  2. Top center- c1950′s MINT CONDITION 7 ROW SIGNED WEISS OLD HOLLYWOOD RHINESTONE BRACELET $150.00 7″ L X 1.25″ W-  Absolutely mint condition with safety. 10 big emerald cut crystals grace the face of this shimmering bold bracelet. (http://www.maxwells91334.com  Go to JEWELRY / then to BRACELETS pg. 1).
  3. Top right- JULIANA D&E MINT CONDITION CLEOPATRA SMOKE NECKLACE $125.00- Adjustable / 15″ L maximum  There is costume jewelry and there is REALLY GOOD collectible costume jewelry. This is the latter. The pendant is a meaningful 2.25″ L. Clear & smoke crystals set on silver tone. (http://www.maxwells91334.com   Go to JEWELRY / then to NECKLACES pg. 9).
  4. 2nd row left – 6 CRYSTAL MEDALLION BLACK SILK COVERED THIN HEADBAND (repro)  $39.95- The shimmering round encrusted medallions set off to one side. Rubber stops on the end prevent the band ends from discomfort. So very French.(www.maxwells91334.com  Go to JEWELRY / then to HAIR ACCESSORIES pg. 1).
  5. 2nd row center – TRIPLE STRAND KNOTTED VINTAGE FAUX PEARLS 16″ L (the shortest strand) $39.95 -    Graduated sized white faux pearls on one lovely gold tone button clasp. Excellent luster. (www.maxwells91334.com  Go to JEWELRY / then to NECKLACES pg. 10).
  6. 2nd row right – HAND MADE RICHERE ICE PRINCESS HANDBAG c1950′s 8″ L X 5.5″ H $65.00-  Icy clear and silver encrusted 3D evening bag with convertible serpent chain that may be concealed inside to wear as a clutch or as a handbag. So Daphne Guinness! http://www.maxwells91334.com  Go to VINTAGE CLOTHING, HANDBAGS, etc. / then to HANDBAGS pg. 1).
  7. 3rd row left – LONG RHINESTONE on SILVER TONE DANGLE POST EARRINGS (repro) 3″ L $35.00-              Polish off that perfect look with this shimmering pair! Just as a tie does for a gentleman in his suit, these tie shaped earrings will take whatever you wear to the next level. Donned with a graduated rhinestone border, they will flawlessly lift any look. (http://www.maxwells91334.com Go to JEWELRY / then to EARRINGS pg. 5).
  8. 3rd row middle – MABE’ BAROQUE ARTISANAL PEARL RING ON GOLD VERMEIL one sz. fits all 1″ X 1″ $125.00- One of a kind artisanal mabe pearl ring.  Its design is based on the unique character of the central pearl. (http://www.maxwells91334.com  Go to JEWELRY / then to RINGS pg. 3).
  9. 3rd row right -  c1950′s VINTAGE CRYSTAL CENTERED LILY CLIP EARRINGS  2.25″L $95.00- These are spectacular. The clip is towards the bottom and the earrings crawl up the outer parameter of the ear. (Daphne the original wears her’s upside down!) Chanel just came out with a “vintage inspired” style comparable to this. Why not have the original at a fraction ofthe price? (http://www.maxwells91334.com Go to JEWELRY / then to EARRINGS pg. 1).
  10. 4th row – c1960′s SIGNED LISNER VINTAGE CRYSTAL ON SILVER TONE FLEUR BROOCH c1960′s 2″ X 1.5″ $29.95 -Beautifully graceful crystal on silver tone. Mint condition. (http://www.maxwells91334.com Go to JEWELRY / then to BROOCHES pg. 2).
  11. Bottom row- JET & BLACK DIAMOND PAVE’ ENCRUSTED CRYSTAL BARRETTE repro Made in USA! 3&3/4″ L X 2″ W $35.00-   This refined shimmering double bow piece is suitable for fine hair as the barrette is smaller than the face & has a tight center.(http://www.maxwells91334.com Go to JEWELRY / then to HAIR ACCESSORIES pg. 1).

It will be cozy and warm inside the red doors this SATURDAY & SUNDAY noon to 7 pm. Do visit if the mood strikes!

Deb Maxwell

Maxwell’s 9.13.34
Address: 508 Court Street – “The Red Doors” Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website: http://www.maxwells91334.com

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January 4, 2012

Carlo’s Bakery Announces Classes with Cast Members

From Hoboken’s very own Carlo’s Bakery, cooking classes with cast members from the Cake Boss. Now you can play with fondant and learn the art of cake baking from reality show celebrities in Neighboring Jersey City…



Encompassing more than 35,000 square feet, Carlo’s Bakery’s newly finished Cake Factory boasts state of the art equipment and the opportunity to bring their famous sweets to fans worldwide. Although the factory is not open for walk-­‐in retail business, owner Buddy Valastro has dreamt up new ways to bring fans and aspiring culinary enthusiasts together in his “Kitchen.” “The Kitchen,” a state of the art cooking, baking, and decorating classroom located in the heart of the Cake Factory, gives students for a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of Carlo’s Bakery in a class led by the Carlo’s team.

In January 2012, Carlo’s launched new course options for baking and decorating classes through June 2012. Cooking classes will also be added throughout January. Classes vary in difficulty and pricing begins at $125. “We had our first classes at the Cake Factory this fall. Everyone had such a good time at our fondant decorating classes that we wanted to be able to offer people more options,” said Valastro. In a new twist, guests will be able to be taught by the Valastro family themselves; you can bake with Joey, decorate with Mauro, or cook with Cousin Anthony, Frankie and the sisters. “When my family saw how much fun they were having in the classes, they decided to teach a few themselves. Even my sister Grace, who isn’t exactly known for her cooking skills, has been perfecting some easy recipes to share. It’s going to be a great time!” added Valastro.

Guests are able to register online at www.carlosbakery.com/classes


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November 7, 2011

Hoboken’s MSquared Special Promotion in Honor of Veterans Day

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TheBoken featured a new business called M2 Sweet and Chic Treats in early September and now owner Marisa has sent us a note about a special promotion in honor of Veterans Day.

In honor of Veterans Day, this Friday, November 11th M-Squared is donating 100% of sales this week from our “Ultimate” Chocolate Chip Cookie to The Wounded Warrior Project. Place your orders soon, and honor those who served.

Readers can place orders by phone, 646-733-7495 or by email: marisa@msquarednyc.com  and check out their website www.msquarednyc.com

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October 3, 2011

Ricky’s Halloween Costume Store Open for Business on Washington Street in Hoboken

Ricky's Halloween Store Hoboken exterior

Ricky’s Halloween Costume Store at 222 Washington Street in Hoboken is finally open for business. They have a large variety of costumes to choose from with your normal assortment of superheroes, sexy nurses, vampires and this year’s possible craze Captain America.

Ricky's Halloween Store Hoboken #2

One of TheBoken’s favorites is this chest hair extender to accessorize perhaps an Austin Powers or 70’s cheesy disco guy costume.

Ricky's Halloween Store Hoboken #3

Ricky’s Costume Superstore

Address: 222 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website: www.RickysHalloween.com

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September 25, 2011

Washington Street Shuffle: Spirit Halloween Popup Store Setting up at 412 Washington Street Hoboken

Spirit Halloween Pop Up Store Washington Street Hoboken #1 - Copy

As announced earlier on TheBoken.com, Spirit Halloween popup store is going to be located temporarily at 412 Washington Street, the site of the former Blockbuster Video Rental store. Workers were spotted yesterday setting up the store. Their website is www.spirithalloween.com and they are hiring. If you are interested in working for this store go to www.work4spirit.com.

Spirit Halloween Pop Up Store Washington Street Hoboken #3

The storefront at 412 Washington Street recently got a makeover but TheBoken doesn’t think it was just for this popup store but rather the major chain store of Anthropologie that is expected to fill this spot afterwards.

Spirit Halloween Pop Up Store Washington Street Hoboken #2

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September 2, 2011

New Hoboken Online Business M2 Sweet and Chic Treats!

There is a new online Hoboken business in town called “M2 Sweet and Chic Treats”. The owner Marisa sent TheBoken this information to give her new venture a bit of a plug. If the photos are any indication of the taste I think many customers are in for a real sweet and chic treat. If the cupcakes and cakes are is good as they look Marissa just might have to rename her business to M12 as is Mmmmmmmmmmmm good. Yes, that is twelve m’s! Possible taste test next week. Here is Marisa’s intro to her new online business which in part is a byproduct of the recession the US is still trying to recover from….

“When the economy goes south and hemlines follow, what’s a girl to do?!  Well, if you’re a Fashionista with 18yrs in the biz, and MAD baking skills… you “Edit” that five-year plan, tighten your Jimmy Choos and take that leap off the runway!

Encouraged by friends, I decided to re-design my future, and went from Fashionista to Recessionista, from holiday baker to baker extraordinaire!

My label M2 sweet & chic treats combines my passion for baking and fashion with an added chic twist! We are a Hoboken business but do all of our order through our website www.msquarednyc.com so there are no lines, and even though we are web-based, I am always happy to speak with you in person!

We are known for our amzing assortment of cookies, and cupcakes, but at M2 sweet and chic treats (we can’t tell you what the M2 stands for – it’s a company secret) we do sew-sew much more! Tarts, both savory and sweet, as well as Bon-bons (seasonal) and if you don’t see something on our “Run of Show” just let us know! We can design something you like.  We also launch a new line each season – just like the Designers…whether it is “Ditzy Florals” in the Spring or “Mad-Plaids” in the Fall… we believe that food trends are just like fashion trends – they are always changing!
In fashion, we shop the world for the best fabrics, and trims…it’s the same at M2 we are dedicated to quality, assuring that our assortment is “Couture” so we bake to order using only the finest ingredients from around the world. We want our customers to feel as special eating our product as they do when they buy a great new pair of shoes, a LBD, or a hand tailored suit!

- Marisa
Fashionista and Baker
M2 Sweet and Chic Treats”
Website: www.msquarednyc.com

Below are some more samples of baked goods and deserts that are for sale:

Happy Birthday Cakes

Cupcakes (includes Superhero Superman) Could a Batman Cupcake be next?

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July 15, 2011

A Unique Massage in Hoboken- Tim Watson, LMT

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­With the warm, sunny weather finally rolling in, I have found myself beating the summer heat by spending my weekends beachside at the Jersey Shore. Since I have been evacuating town each Friday afternoon, I have been remiss in continuing my quest for the best brunch in Hoboken.  So I will be on hiatus until the weekend weather cools down and fall rolls in.

For the past few weeks, I have been mentioning my need for a good massage. Lucky for me, TheBoken offered me a free massage by Tim Watson, LMT in exchange for a review.  Obviously this was a no-brainer!

Oftentimes, I find myself wincing in pain while getting a massage if the pressure is too strong. Instead of enjoying the experience, I mentally count down the minutes until I can be freed from the pain. Everything about Tim’s massage was different than the ordinary and definitely worth trying out. As an added bonus, if you refer three friends for a massage, Tim will treat you to your next one for free. I can’t wait to tell all of my girlfriends, so that I can get another massage in a few weeks!

Here’s my recap:

Very Experienced/Great Price. Tim is a graduate of the Swedish Institute’s College of Heath Science in New York City. He passed the state licensing exam with an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies along with the prestigious LMT title (Licensed Massage Therapist). He is fully insured and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. One of his specialties is assisting with injury recovery and relieving chronic pain.


Tim charges $75 for a 60 minute massage and $100 for a 90 minute massage. Just as a comparison, a 75 minute massage at Bliss is $150! Currently, Tim does not offer any packages, but is looking into adding it in the future.

Customizable. Tim’s massages are customized specifically for the client.  Although most places require you to fill out a survey, I tend to think they are quickly reviewed and little attention is paid to your answers. Tim likes to build a rapport with his clients. He suggests that clients arrive a few minutes ahead of their scheduled appointment to discuss preferences and areas of concern. 

Tim pays special attention to everything he discusses with the client and ensures that all areas of concern are properly addressed in the massage.  Before the massage started he offered a selection of music to choose to from- I picked Enya.  He even said if there was a particular type of music I enjoyed, he would purchase it for future massages. The best part of this one on one attention is that it never cuts in to your 60 or 90 minute session.

You’re a person, not just a number.  When I was applying to college, a majority of the schools I visited stressed that, as a student at so and so College/University, “You would be a name, not just a number.” This was a huge selling point for me in colleges and apparently in selecting a place for a massage as well.

Tim takes the time to get to know each client. He wants to ensure that you are comfortable and get the most from your massage. In his iPad, he keeps information about each client: their preferences for music, oils/lotions, etc.  Tim goes above and beyond to ensure that the client receives everything they hope for and more from a massage.  He focuses his practice on “treating people like people,” not just money in his pocket.

Not a spa. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a relaxing spa day with the girlfriends filled with pedicures, massages and facials, a massage with Tim Watson is not the best place to go.  He works out of Dao-Sheng Acupuncture  located at 109 Grand Street between 1st and 2nd.   As an acupuncture office, and soon to be western doctors office, the atmosphere does not lend itself towards a tranquil spa setting.  Although there are no cozy, oversized white robes or relaxing waiting rooms, as soon as you walk into the massage room, the dim light and background music (and the great massage too!) transport you right to any great spa that you have ever been to.

Well Balanced Massage.   As soon as my massage began, I was transported to a calm, relaxing place. The background music played the sounds of the beach (my most calming place); waves quietly crashing on the shore.  The sounds reminded me of a massage gone awry with my girlfriends on spring break, senior year of college.  Everything about this massage was the opposite of that unfortunate experience.  The pressure was perfect, I did not walk away coated in smelly oil and the atmosphere was comfortable and inviting.

Most spas rush you in and out in the allotted time.  The last massage I received in Hoboken (I won’t name the place!) felt rushed and poorly timed.  The masseuse spent a majority of the time on one side of my body and then quickly sped through the motions on the other side in order to finish on time.  That massage ended abruptly, leaving me expecting more.  However, with Tim, everything was perfectly timed and all areas received the same attention.  Tim spent a little extra time to make sure everything was done properly, going over the allotted minutes so that I was satisfied.

The best part was the foot massage.  After having a rushed pedicure the night before that lacked a sufficient foot massage, I was overjoyed to make up for it the next night.

I left the appointment relaxed and stress free, the perfect way to continue a hectic workweek.  Check out Tim’s website or Facebook page for more information.  To book an appointment, contact Tim directly by email, phone or his website (his information and schedule is listed below).   Hopefully you will enjoy your experience as much as I did!

As a special offer to TheBoken readers, mention this article and Tim will give you a 60 minute massage for only $60!

Tim Watson, LMT Dao-Sheng Acupuncturee Office
Address: 109 Grand Street  Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-702-1004
Email: timwatsonlmt@gmail.com
Wesbsite: http://www.amtamembers.com/timwatsonlmt

Tim’s Schedule:

Monday:  9am-4pm
Tuesday: 12pm-4pm, 7pm-10pm
Wednesday:  9am-9pm
Thursday:  12pm-4pm, 7pm-10pm
Friday:  9am-9pm
Saturday: 3pm-8pm
Sunday:  By request only

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June 3, 2011

Dr. Shi-Hong Loh Grand Opening at 109 Grand Street Saturday June 4th 12-4PM

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Dr. Shi-Hong Loh, MD is expanding his practice of Western and Eastern Medicine in Hoboken……..

Practice: Psychoneuroimmunology and Acupuncture
New Location: 109 Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website: www.dao-sheng.com
Phone: (201) 659- 0100



Dr. LoDAO-SHENG: Dr. Shi-Hong Loh has created a welcoming, peaceful and caring place for gentle, individualized, results-oriented medical and mind-body therapies for men, women and children. He has chosen a circle of specialists in a wide variety of holistic therapies to join him and work together in his new offices to treat patients’ total wellbeing. This unique collaboration of practitioners is the first of its kind in Hoboken, and it fulfills Dr. Loh’s long-held vision to bring together specialists with a wide variety of healing treatments and modalities to offer comprehensive care in preventative medicine, health maintenance and the treatment of common and unusual conditions. “Healing is a journey,” says Dr. Loh. “At each step along the way you may need different kinds of support, so it is all here.”

The science of Psychoneuroimmunology has long recognized the emotional connection to illness. With global interest in holistic medicine rising, Chinese healing arts have gained great attention and stature outside of their original land. During his years as a practicing Oncologist Dr. Loh discovered that cancer evolved in many patients who had endured years of sustained emotional stress. Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and each of the therapies offered at Dao-Sheng work in different and complementary ways to harmonize the body, mind, emotions and essential life essence to correct the emotional underpinnings of illness or stress-related conditions.

five_elements_small2A pioneer in blending traditional medical perspectives with comprehensive acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbal medicine, Dr. Loh has practiced Traditional and Eastern Medicine in Hoboken for 25 years. His unique acupuncture protocols successfully treat both common and unusual medical problems including pain relief and immune system dysfunction. He has, for example, refined acupuncture care for cancer patients with great results. He is well known in Northern New Jersey as a medical innovator and active participant and health educator in the communities where he has practiced.

Dr. Loh, a specialist in hematology and oncology, was trained in both Eastern and Western traditions. He redirected his medical practice to Eastern Medicine after practicing Oncology for many years. What made him “turn his head” toward a revised practice in Natural Medicine was his disappointment with patient outcomes in traditional cancer treatments. He changed is medical emphasis to offer better ways to improve health and prevent cancer.

The effect of stress in this New York Metro area, and this country in general, cannot be understated in its connection to poor health. This is why a comprehensive program for stress reduction for men and women is in place at Dao-Sheng. A patient commented recently, “I went to see Dr. Loh to treat a sprained ankle and I realized, later that day, that not only did my ankle feel better, but I felt lighter than I had been feeling before my acupuncture session. I know he didn’t perform magic, but I was certain that this kind of medicine is very good for me given the level of stress in my life.”

Women’s health is also a special area of expertise at Dao-Sheng. “It was through the experiences I’ve had in taking care of women, especially those who have breast cancer, that I realized how much women have to endure in life, how much they have to suffer, how much they contribute to a family, and how much they have been neglected when it comes to their health,” says Dr. Loh. “And Western medicine simply doesn’t provide adequate solutions for their health concerns…it rarely emphasizes the connection between mind and body. Eastern medicine examines the effects of emotion on physical health and recognizes mind, body, and spirit in its approach to comprehensive treatment. Harmonize your mind and you harmonize your body. This is the secret to maintaining good health.”

Dr. Loh completed his medical education, including his training in Acupuncture in Taiwan, Republic of China, where Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine are taught side-by-side. His training here in the U.S. began with a Residency in Internal Medicine and a Fellowship in Hematology at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in the Bronx, followed by a Fellowship in Oncology at Downstate Medical Center at the State University of New York in Brooklyn. Dr. Loh served as Chief of the Hematology and Oncology division at St. Mary Hospital in Hoboken, NJ, and was appointed Director of the Department of Complementary Therapy at St. Mary Hospital in 1998.

daoshengart-16More information on Dr. Loh and Dao-Sheng can be found at dao-sheng.com

Dao-Sheng, 109 Grand Street just north of 1st Street in Hoboken

Grand Opening and Open House: Saturday, June 4, 2011,

12:00 noon until 4:00 pm.

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