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June 17, 2013

National Dine Out Day for Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund June 19th

Here is a way to enjoy some select Hoboken eateries and participate in a fundraiser for a good cause this Wednesday in Hoboken….

National Dine Out Day for Hurricane Sandy

New Jersey Relief Fund  June 19th 

Dine and or Drink out on June 19th to show we are Jersey Strong! Restaurants and bars are donating a portion of their proceeds for the night to The Fund.  The Shannon of Hoboken is proudly participating on June 19th.  They  will have specials running all night where 100% of those profits will go directly to
Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. Other Hoboken restaurants will be participating below as well.

Dine Out Day - Hurricane Sandy June-19-2013

Here is the list of participating Hoboken establishments:

  • Amanda’s Restaurant – 908 Washington Street
  • Anthony Davids – 953 Bloomfield Street
  • Bin 14 Wine Bar – 1314 Washington Street
  • Carlo’s Bakery – 95 Washington Street
  • Elysian Cafe -  1001 Washington Street
  • Onieal’s Restaurant – 343 Park Avenue
  • The Shannon Hoboken – 106 First Street
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January 10, 2013

Bin 14 Wine Bar Wine Tasting Saturday January 19th 2013 2-4pm

Here is an upcoming wine tasting at Hoboken’s Bin 14 Wine Bar….
Event: A Biodynamic Wine Tasting from the South of France
Date and Time:  Saturday January 19th, 2013, 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Bin 14 Wine Bar
Address: 1314 Washington Street, Hoboken NJ
Phone: 201-963-9463
Bin 14 Wine Event - South of France 1-19-2013
This very special tasting will introduce guests to six wines from Chateau Maris, based in the Languedoc region in the South of France.  Chateau Maris’ vineyards are certified 100% organic and biodynamic, a reflection of their love for the earth.  The Chateau itself is built from hemp bricks, which actually absorb the CO2 from the wine fermentation process.  Having built much of the Bin 14 wine bar from repurposed materials, owner/Chef Anthony Pino is a believer in green principles and is proud to present these special wines.
Presented by Jacques Herviou of Natural Selection Wines
Price: $65 per person (excluding tax & gratuity).  Price includes tasting of 6 wines and a 3-course food pairing.
For Reservations: call 201-963-9463 or email info@bin14.com
For more info about the hemp winery, you’ll find this article interesting:  http://www.winespectator.com/webfeature/show?id=47729
Web address:
Chateau Maris’ web address:
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June 12, 2012

Kolo Klub of Hoboken Sneak Preview Photos

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview 2 HDR

TheBoken.com got a sneak preview of an exciting business opening up above the Pilsenser Haus in Hoboken soon called the Kolo Klub last week . It is a banquet and performance hall by the same owners of the well received and run Pilsener Haus. The decor is reminiscent of a time at least 100 years ago. The space is divided into tow areas a main hall which seats close to 200 patrons and a smaller party room that seats 25-30.

The place is still not completed but is anticipated to open soon. Chef Anthony Pino will be responsible for catering the food and private events like weddings corporate parties are expected in addition to musical acts as well as acts as diverse as a possible magic show. The owners of the Pilsener Haus are batting 1.000 so far with pre-opening buzz. If the success of the Pilsener Haus to date is any indication I think we have another home run on our hands in Hoboken. The details of this new hall are really well conceived and executed and a rent-able space for special events is something that Hoboken can use more of.

Kolo Klub

Address: 1422 Grand Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201.683.5465
Email: events@koloklub.com
Website: http://www.koloklub.com/

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview 1 HDR

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview 4 HDR

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview 3 HDR

Kolok Klub Hoboken Sneak Preview

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview

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April 11, 2012

The Great Outdoors: 10 Tips to Eating/Drinking Outside from Hoboken’s Drunken Polar Bear

It’s getting warmer and summer is right around the corner.  We’ve slowly inched up the thermometer to shorts and hoodie weather (the best time of year).  Living in Hoboken, warmer weather brings us beautiful tree-lined streets, waterfront walkways, plenty of parks and outdoor seating any many bars and restaurants.  After many years in Hoboken, I’ve amassed some best practices to dinning and drinking outside in Hoboken.  I’m sure I will miss a thing or two so please add to it in the comments below.

(Editorial note: unlike other local blogs, I promise not to launch into a low carb induced childish diatribe on why the city doesn’t let bars/restaurants open outdoor seating before April 1st.  Normally, it’s very cold between Dec  1st and April 1st so it’s not worth the pixels.  And it’s spring – be happy!)

  1. Pick the Place – the first, and most obvious step, is picking where you’re going to enjoy the outdoors.  I thought about making a list, but with bars/restaurants changing their outdoor layout year to year it’s always changing.  Regardless, I estimate there are over 75 places to sit outside.
  2. Time It Right – Bin 14 has 90 minute wait for outside seating at 8pm on a Saturday night?  Shocking!  Many other Hobokenites like you will be flocking to locales with outdoor seating for happy hour and weekend dinners.  Get there early and have a few cocktails first to guarantee a good seat.
  3. Have a Back Up Plan – especially on those nice days there are going to be some long waits on good outdoor seating.  If your plan is to enjoy the outdoors, pick a backup bar nearby in case the wait is too long.
  4. Rooftop Ruckus – there are only two rooftop bars/restaurants in Hoboken (City Bistro & Dubliner) and they are always crowded.  While City Bistro is just a deck with no tables, I have found a great time to sneak up to the Dubliner roof is early evening (5-7pm) where you can probably grab a table.
  5. On the Waterfront – just like the rooftops there are just a few options for waterfront seating on Sinatra drive.  Plan ahead and make a reservation.  And cross your fingers.
  6. Dress the Part – if you’re walking around town your blood is flowing and you’re going to get warm, but when you’re sitting outside eating and drinking it’s going to be cold and a little windy.  Bring an extra coat, sweater, sweatshirt, shawl, etc.  Sunglasses are also a must.
  7. Find a Good Special – tons of bars and restaurants have great happy hour and daytime specials.  Nothing beats enjoying the afternoon outside with a bucket of cold beers or sangria pitchers.
  8. Crammed Quarters – in an ideal world there would be big couches and plush chairs we can sit on outside, but most outdoor seating in a little tighter than normal.  Don’t bring too much with you (bags and stuff) and be flexible about moving around a little bit.
  9. Thar’ She Blows – shocking to nobody in Hoboken, it gets windy from time to time.  Napkins, food, glasses, silverware all gets whisked away from time to time.  Make sure to be ready for the winds.
  10. People Watching – one of my and many outdoor enthusiast’s favorite urban sports.  Besides enjoying the weather and fine food/drink, the best part of sitting outside is taking in all the foot traffic.  Have fun with it!

In no way is this a comprehensive list, but here a few good places to sit outside by area:

-          Uptown – City Bisto, Pilsener Haus, Bin 14, Liberty Bar, Madison

-          Midtown – Elysian, Turtle Club, Mikie Squared, Stacks, East LA, Far Side, O’ Sullivans

-          Downtown – Brass Rail, McSwiggans, 1 Republik, Texas Arizona, Marty O’Briens, Dubliner, 4L’s

-          Waterfront – 340 Grill, Quays, Trinity, Wicked Wolf

Where’s your favorite bar/restaurant to each outside? Any other tips?

The Drunken Polar Bear

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February 11, 2012

Valentine’s Day on Washington Street in Hoboken

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and some of you might be contemplating what to get that special Hoboken someone. Trekking down Washington Street recently, I found a variety of Hoboken reds, jewels, sweets, and designer duds to please even the pickiest of valentines.

Here are some ideas to get you started, depending on which type of Valentine you are dealing with:

1.    The Sentimental/Traditional Valentine:

Some traditional yet trendy heart Shaped Earrings from Townhouse 620 might do the trick.

Townhouse 620 Earrings

Compliment those with some chocolates from the Garden of Eden, but make sure they’re in a cute box like these:

Carlo’s Bakery also boasts some lavish cakes, Italian desserts, and of course, chocolate dipped strawberries.

2. The Friends with Benefits Valentine:

Want to go the flower route but feel like it might be a little soon? Try these nontraditional flowers…they’re actually red underwear, rolled up in a ball in the shape of flowers. Found at YES I DO!

3. The “It’s Kind of Serious” Valentine:

Some hot dinner spots to treat this type of Valentine to include Anthony Davids for delicious food or Augustinos on 11th & Washington, a little Italian gem of a place – or perhaps some wine tasting and apps at Bin 14 or Amanda’s.

For added bonus gifts, please refer to #1.

4.  The Live-In Valentine

Perhaps you are sharing living space with your valentine…what better than an adorable apron from Ricky’s on Washington so your valentine can look super chic while cooking? Or you could wear it yourself as a surprise and cook a fabulous dinner for two.

For all of the snail mail goes in and out of your shared abode: a Monogram maker from YES I DO.

5. The Pet-Loving Valentine

Find your way to your Valentine’s heart than through a puppy jacket from Hoboken Pets on Washington.

Or treat your valentine’s pooch to a cleaning at the Hoboken Dog Wash on 4th Street!

6. Fashionista Valentine:

As a fellow fashion enthusiast, another option is to treat her to some designer deals at the recently relocated (just upstairs!) Midtown Authentic, where you’ll find purses galore! Check out the store’s new purse wall and rooms chock full of designer finds.

Also for the fashion-conscious: Iconic Fashion Lounge has some adorable Rebecca Minckoff bags in various color pops. My favorite is the bold blue.

8. The Stressed Out Valentine

For the valentine that works hard all day long, a massage treat at Bliss or Massage Envy. Reap the benefits of your gift with a couples’ massage to boot.

Or,  perhaps a mani/pedi gift certificate to one of the many nail salons around Hoboken. My favorites include Bloom and the Nail Bar.

9. The Single Girl/Friend Valentine:

Recent breakup revenge can be found with an Ex Voodoo Doll from YES I DO! on Washington Street.

Or spend a girls night out at the Melting Pot – lots of fondue!

10. The Alternative Valentine

For off-the-beaten-path ideas, sign up for a healthy cooking class with Healthy Hoboken Girl or a cake decorating session at Carlo’s Lackawanna Factory.

Sewing classes for the thread-challenged or crafty alike at M Avery Designs, and another unconventional gift: a certificate to Hoboken Car Wash – a complete detailing will surely make your valentine forget about how difficult parking can be at times with a sparkly wash and shine.

Regardless of the type of Valentine cupid is shooting down for you this season, be sure to treat him/her well. There are endless amounts of treats and experiences that can be found in the Mile Square City…only a few days left, so get to it!

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February 6, 2012

Bin 14′s Valentines Day Menu -Tuesday February 14, 2012

Bin 14′s had their Valentines Day Tuesday February 14, 2012 menu ready. Bin 14 is currently Hoboken’s only wine bar.  They are having three seating for that night at 6:00pm, 7:45pm and 9:30pm. The cost is $65 per person and there will be wine and cocktail specials.

It is highly recommended that you call to check for availability at 201-963-WINE (p463).

Below is the lineup prepared by Chef Anthony Pino:

First Course

  • Arugula, Frisee, English Cucumber, Breakfast Radishes, Crispy Shallots, Herbed Vinaigrette
  • Rock Shrimp Ceviche, Lemons, Limes, Jalapeno, Cilantro, Roma Tomato, Red Onion
  • Ricotta Cavatelli Carbonara, Roasted Butternut Squash, Egg Yolk, Pecorino
  • Spiced Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio, Arugula, Olive Oil, Olives, Pecorino

Second Course

  • Crispy Duck Breast, Potato Hash(Roasted Peppers, Peas, Thyme), Zinfandel Reduction
  • Braised Short Rib, Gorgonzola Spiked Polenta, Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Seared Sea Scallops, Cauliflower Puree, Roasted Baby Fennel, Blood Orange Beurre Blan


Cheesecake, Graham Cracker Crumbles, Gran Marnier Mixed Berry, Compote, Mini Zeppoles

V-Day Menu Link: http://bin14.com/pdf/BIN14_ValentinesDay_Menu.pdf

Bin 14 Hoboken

Address: 1314 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201.963.Wine
Website: www.bin14.com

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June 2, 2011

Bin 14 Uncorked – Hoboken’s Premier Wine Bar

Bin 14

Address: 1314 Washington Street, Hoboken (near SW corner of 14th)

Website: http://www.bin14.com/

Bin_14(2)Vino, grape juice, classy time, Jesus juice – whatever you call wine, it’s no shock that it’s a popular spirit of choice for many Hobokenites.  Now this may come as a surprise to you readers, but wine is not my first alcohol choice.  Or second.  Or fourth.  I am a beer, scotch, whiskey and gin man.  It may be a walking male stereotype, but I like it.  However, impending adulthood, social situations and my girlfriend have dictated that I drink wine occasionally at dinner and fancy places.  Even so, it was with some reluctance that I agreed to review Bin 14.  Snowflake, my girlfriend, loves wine so much so that she is actually collecting corks for a cork board (witty huh?).  So after some well placed suggestions I finally agreed to go.

Bin 14 is a popular place and we were going to eat, and we tried to get reservations in the 7:30ish range, but the only times we could get were 6 or 9:30.  Hanging on to my youth at age 27, there was no way I was going in with the early bird crowd so we took the 9:30 reservation.  We were just a few minutes late (misjudged the walking time), but got there and were seated right away.  We were given the choice of seating, but chose the patio (5-6 tables) since it was a nice night.

Wine-Cellar Feel

Before sitting down I did a little tour of the interior of Bin 14.  It’s not very large – 15 tables and a bar with 15ish stools – but it doesn’t feel cramped.  Seating was mostly tables of 2 with a few larger ones for groups.  In the wall behind the bar are racks and racks of wine bottles.  Overall, the atmosphere and design of Bin 14 is very elegant and “lives up to expectations” as Snowflake told me.  Even with a penchant for dive bars, I can say I was impressed with the look and feel for Bin 14.

Excellent Service and Wine Selection

With great trepidation I sat down and opened up the wine menu, which is quite robust and well organized.  Upon asking our waiter I was told there were 80+ wines offered and 50+ came by the glass – certainly a large selection.  Before ordering food, it was time for my first glass of wine.  In what was a recurring theme of the evening, the service and staff is absolutely outstanding.  Who I assumed to be the manager  (wasn’t dressed like waiters) actually came out to take our first drink order and instead of rushing to get the order actually spoke with us for a couple of minutes about wine selections and made some great recommendations – a great change of pace from most restaurants/bars.  In another impressing move our first glasses of wine were actually poured from the bottle in front of us to show us the label and ensure we were getting what was ordered.

Adventurous & Fun Menu

Having my wine nerves calmed somewhat I opened up the menu to find an adventurous selection of food.  There are a lot of interesting combinations and dishes, but what I liked about the menu was that it wasn’t over priced and it offered a lot of smaller dishes you could pick on for a snack or order a bunch for a meal.  We started with the sweet potato fries with chipotle and cinnamon, meatballs and beef tartare, truffles, parmesan and quail egg bruschetta (pictured).  The fries had a fun taste to them and the meatballs had a perfect hint of garlic.  I especially enjoyed the beef tartare bruschetta when Snowflake was not a fan of the egg on top, pushing it my way.  We split a pizza with Prosciutto di Parma, fig, ricotta for dinner with a second round of wine.


Great Spot in Hoboken

Overall, Bin 14 was a great and relaxing experience.  The food was adventurous, but very tasty.  The wine selection is robust and you really get the feel of being in a wine cellar at Bin 14.  Even with the fun menu, I would say the service at Bin 14 is its true highlight.  Throughout our entire visit, we were treated politely, not rushed and the wait staff spent the time to talk to us and make appropriate wine recommendations.  Bin 14 isn’t a typical bar down by the PATH since you need to be seating at a table or bar, but definitely worth checking out and indulging your pallet for a change or as a great date night spot.

You could pick the next bar to review!  Post suggestions in the comment section below.

The Drunken Polar Bear.

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May 27, 2011

The Weekend Ahead – Hoboken Bar Scene by DPB

DPB’s The Weekend Ahead

Summer is officially here!  That means warmer weather, longer weekends and for Hobokenites a significantly less crowded bar scene most weekends. 

Weather Outlook

We’re going to continue with our higher than normal temperatures throughout the weekend where the weather will be the same – 80’s, sunny with an occasional and local thunderstorm so it’s a great 3-day weekend to be out and especially at the beach since we may hit 90 on the thermometer Monday.

Memorial Day Weekend

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, Hoboken will be substantially less crowded which means more parking and less crowded bars because of the mass exodus to shore points starting today.  Since this is a holiday weekend there isn’t a ton going on at local bars, but there are still a few good things to do.

Find a Roof Deck or Outdoor Seating

With gorgeous weather try a roof deck at the Dubliner or City Bistro

The Dubliner
Friday $3.50 domestic beers, $4.50 imports, $4.00 for well drinks, $5.00 for call drinks & 1/2 price martinis. 80oz Beer towers available; $12 Coors light, $14 Yuengling & $16 any other draft. Noon-9pm.
Saturday$10.00 pitcher of your choice of draft & 80oz Beer towers available; $12 Coors light, $14 Yuengling & $16 any other draft from noon – 7pm.

Also check out: Trinity, 340 Grill, Quays for outside, waterfront seating.

Try a New Bar or Restaurant!

Hoboken has over 100+ bars and dining options so if you’re in town this is a great time to check out those locales that are often crowded.  Or perhaps check out some of the places tucked away off Washington Street

Check out:Park & Sixth (Hoboken’s best Sandwich Shop), Leo’s Italian Restaurant (2nd & Grand) for dinner, or the Turtle Club (10th & Park) for drinks.

Coming Next Week: A review of local hot spot Bin 14

- The Drunken Polar Bear

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February 21, 2011

Cooking With Chef Pino of Anthony David’s ~ “Pasta Bolognese”

Chef Pino

Chef Anthony Pino is the owner of two great restaurants here in Hoboken, NJ.  His first restaurant “The Dining Room at Anthony David’s” is located on the corner of 10th and Bloomfield Streets.  After a successful stint with Anthony David’s Gourmet Market, which was a take-out and catering shoppe that was popular in the community, The Dining Room area was opened in September of 2002.

Chef Pino’s other restaurant “Bin 14” located 1314 Washington Street is Hoboken’s first and only true Wine Bar.  Offering one of the best wine lists in the area,  Bin 14 hit the ground running and has been named a top restaurant in the metro area by The New York Times.

Chef Pino Cooking

Chef Pino has been doing a featured Sunday Cooking Video for the last couple of months that he has been sharing with his fans on facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  The Boken Online wants to share Chef Pino’s recipes and cooking style with all of Hoboken and TheBokenOnline readers!  Enjoy and be sure to become of fan of Chef Pino and his restaurants on facebook to receive recipes and special deals!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De3Q2eBwczI

Click on the logo’s below to visit the restaurants website and Chef Pino’s Fan page on facebook:

Anthony David's Hoboken Bin 14

facebookThe Boken Online’s newest feature story “Cooking With Chef Pino” will be a weekly article here on TheBokenOnline.com!

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January 10, 2011

Wine 101 Tonight at Bin 14

Filed under: bin 14,Washington Street — TheBoken @ 4:00 PM

Have no plans tonight?  Looking for something fun, inexpensive and different to do tonight in Hoboken?  How about going back to school tonight at Bin 14?  The only Wine Bar in Hoboken is offering Wine 101 tonight from 7-9pm.  Enjoy great wine and learn the basics of wine making and wine pairing.

bin 14 wine tasting

If you would like to RSVP for this event or see other events they are offering check out their website here: http://www.bin14.com/events.html

@The Boken

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