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February 29, 2012

Which is the Real Hoboken Leprecon 2012? Does it even matter as long as it is on the up and up?

There is a another website in Hoboken that is claiming to be the “Real Leprecon” with the URL http://hobokenleprecon.com for the upcoming March 3rd Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day celebration. They state on their website:

“We are the original and only Leprecon. Beware of imitations trying to sell t-shirts that promise you deals that they don’t even list. Click on the link that says bars on the right for a list of specials and deals.”

The supposed “Real Leprechaun” event has only 1,040 RSVPs as of this morning vs. over 17,100 for the Hoboken Lepre-con 2012 event (highlighted below) which contrary to claims by them has bars listed on their website as well. TheBoken.com leaves it up to the readers to decide what deal is best for them or to just show up. TheBoken.com is not in any way compensated for these events and is just reporting what is presented. If you are planning to just go to one bar your best bet is probably just to pay cover and stay put. Bar hopping can only mean waiting in line for a good portion of the day based on past turnout. However , if you are determined to hop around these could be of use if you like the establishments. Expect the potential for cover charges to vary based on perceived demand and adjusted by the bar owners on the fly.

Their Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/165611956882636/

Here is a sample VIP pass below. They also state that a portion will go to HOPEs charity but do not specify the percentage.  The cost for the supposed VIP pass is $12 via Paypal.

Lepre-Con passportHoboken Leprecon

Bars include (only three so far) …

Cooper’s Union

  • First Beer is 1 cent!
  • Dollar off Beer all day!
  • Discounted Cover
  • Guaranteed Occupancy
  • Prizes for Best Dressed Lepre-con!

Address: 104 Hudson St Hoboken, NJ

Phone: (201) 222-3443

McMahons Brownstone

  • Discounted cover
  • 2 for 1 Drinks!
  • Irish Band

Address: 1034 County Road 675  Hoboken, NJ
Phone:  (201) 798-5650

Havana Lounge & Café

To be announced

Hoboken Lepre-con 2012 – Almost 17,100 as of 2/29/2011

This was the first event that came to TheBoken.com’s attention. It has the largest number of followers and a good amount of bars that are participating. The period for online t-shirts is over but even if you dress up well enough as a Leprechaun these deals may still apply to you.

Facebook event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/168407403264568/

Website:  http://www.hobokenlepre-con.com


Trinity Bar & Grill

Address: 306 Sinatra Drive
Phone: (201) 533-4446

Half-price Cover charge all day!

Room 84

Address: 84 Washington Street
Phone: (201) 420-1112

Discounted Cover charge 11am – 4pm!

Scotland Yard

Address: 72 Hudson Street
Phone: (201) 222-9273

Discounted Cover charge 11am – 4pm!

Cork City Bar

Address: Corner of 3rd & Bloomfield
Phone: (201) 963-5512

Specials to be announced.

Liberty Bar and Grill

Address: 61 14th Street
Phone: (201) 222-6322

For Lepre-Cons only:
– $3 Miller Lite Draft
– Clover Shots (Baileys and Creme de minthe) specials

Lana Lounge

Address:  90 River Street
Phone: (201) 656-0866

Half-price cover charge all day!

These are the two main options for “bar crawls” that TheBoken.com knows about. Whether they are worth it or not is up to you but if you want to celebrate in a bar for a good portion of the day, TheBoken.com does advise revelers to get in line early well before 11 am and pick a spot and stay there. As a general rule of thumb the uptown bars tend to be less packed than the downtown ones. Otherwise, you best bet is to stay at home and sip a few pints with friends. TheBoken.com will be out and about wearing one of these t-shirts shown below on March 3rd covering the festivities. You might hear me say “All I got for Hoboken St. Patrick’s is this t-shirt” but hopefully will have some fun memories and videos of street activity to share without all the chaos.  We will have to wait and see what happens. Rain is forecast for Saturday. It could dampen turnout.



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December 13, 2011

JYAH’s 20’s and 30’s Hanukkah Bar Crawl in Hoboken December 17th 5-10pm

JYAH 20’s and 30’s Hanukkah Bar crawl

Have some vodka and latkes while the Jewish Young Adults of Hoboken lights the menorah at a private party and then crawls around uptown Hoboken with bar specials at your favorite watering holes. The $12 pre-sale ticket gets you a stylin’ Hanukkah Bar Crawl T-shirt, snacks and cocktails at the pre-party, and access to great specials at 4 bars!

The pre-party starts at 5:00pm at a private lounge in uptown Hoboken.  They will email you the address after you register.

Drink Specials and Approximate Schedule:

  • 5:00pm Pre-party w/ latkes and drinks included
  • 6:15pm McMahon’s- 2 for 1 drinks
  • 7:15pm Willie McBride’s- $2 Yuengling, Coors, Miller Lite
  • 8:15pm Rogo’s- $3 domestic drafts, $3 well drinks
  • 9:15pm 10th and Willow-  $2 Coors Lite drafts

Register here and act fast prices go up at midnight on Wednesday (December 14th)*: http://hanukkahbarcrawl.eventbrite.com/

*Enter promocode MENORAH2011 for a $3 discount on T-shirt+pre-party tickets, valid until December 14th at midnight.

Check the group out on facebook to see who else will be there. Over 75 people attended last year and organizers claim you don’t want to miss the event this year. Facebook link:  http://www.facebook.com/events/171868072904745/

 About Jewish Young Adults of Hoboken:

They offer social activities such as dinners, brunches, happy hours, wine/cheese, billiards, bowling as well as social actions events. If interested please join their group on facebook “Jewish Young Adults of Hoboken” for invites to future events.


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April 1, 2011

Moran’s – Your Neighborhood Bar

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Moran’s at 501 Garden Street “Your Neighborhood Bar”

Friday night. It was a long week of work and after grabbing a little dinner I was all tucked into my couch set to root on some NCAA basketball games. Buzz, Buzz, Beep – the familiar alert of my Blackberry BBM with one of my best friends asking… “Want to go out for a few beers and catch the basketball games.” I was comfortable, nestled up in my favorite hoodie and had a cold beer in my hand, but what kind of bar reviewer would I be if I didn’t jump on this opportunity…so off to Moran’s I went and thus it’s the subject of this week’s review.

As with many of the bars in Hoboken, I have been to Moran’s before because it’s one of the good neighborhood places in Hoboken, just a mere 2 blocks off the main drag. Tucked away on the northeast corner of Church Square Park (5th & Garden) it’s just a stone’s throw from 7-Star Pizza, a regular pit stop on the way home for bar revelers (and yours truly – I am sucker for a good white slice).

Moran’s fits the mold of a typical Irish pub, but is actually far bigger than you would think when looking at it from the outside. In addition to bar seating, there are 4-5 tables that allow you to sit down for a few pints and catch glimpses of the park out the window. Move on down from the bar and you get a standard jukebox and a dartboard and a quasi-hidden backroom.

One of the first things that struck me as I walked into Moran’s was that it sounded like a bar, a real bar. No base thumping, music blasting or sports announcers echoing in decibels so loud you couldn’t hear – just conversations, glasses clinking and music in the background. After grabbing a pint of Guinness I played a few games of darts, besting my friend with a dramatic finish of bull, double bull (pure luck I guarantee you, but here’s some photo proof!)

Following my darts domination, we grabbed a table to catch some of the basketball games. The crowd at Moran’s is generally a little older (mid-20’s and up), but in good spirits. The bar got crowded as the night went on, but it never got out of control. I was always able to move around with relative ease to grab a few beers from the bar.

Moran’s has the regular selection of mixed drinks, but does very well with its draft selection which includes Carlsberg (a personal favorite), Guinness, Sam Adams Noble Pils in addition to the standards. The bartenders are friendly and even employ the nearly extinct practice of the buy-back after a few rounds. Hidden from me even after 10+ visits, was the Moran’s cash register, which although bookended by countless bottles of vodka and whiskey, looks like it hails from the prohibition era. If you do make it Moran’s definitely check it out.

Next time your friends ask “where should we go in Hoboken tonight to watch the game or just grab a few” – try Moran’s. It may not have the mobs of people that frequent bars downtown, but it is definitely a fun alternative.

Finally, I need your help! if you have any suggestions for bars to review next please post them in the comments below. With the 100+ bars in Hoboken there isn’t any shortage, but I’m always looking for good suggestions from my readers.

The Drunken Polar Bear.


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March 23, 2011

The Shannon – Hoboken’s Chameleon Bar

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The Shannon

Address: 106 First Street, Hoboken, NJ
Website: http://www.theshannonhoboken.com/

First Street Hoboken– a tree lined favorite walkway for locals, commuters and even visitors. Packed with shops, delis and a stretch of Irish pubs, it is one of the nicest Hoboken streets for a stroll. The first bar you see when turning down First Street is The Shannon, or I have more affectionately named it, Hoboken’s Chameleon Bar. I mean that in a good way.

There are all types of bars in Hoboken – clubs, lounges, sports bars, restaurants, dive bars – totaling more than 100 in our mile square city. Few, though, can so seamlessly shift between styles like The Shannon can. Before I dive into my review, I must admit some bias – The Shannon has been my football bar (Jets!) for the last 2 years and I have been spotted cutting a rug on the dance floor.

Weeknight Local Hangout – With specials every night of the week it’s hard not to find a night for you. My personal favorite is Tuesday night trivia (8:30pm) done via the big screens and individual keypads. Best your friends or just come by for the beer special. For the ladies, there is Wine Down Wednesdays with half-priced wine and martinis. No matter what day of the week, you will find a friendly, comfortable crowd.

Weekend Party Place – Once the weekend kicks off, the newly renovated large backroom (with separate bar) is cleared out, a DJ rolls in and it’s dance party time. For those of you who don’t “Beat dat Beat” a la Jersey Shore, there is no need to worry. You can hang out in the front room’s main bar, chat with friends and catch the games. But if you’ve knocked back a few drinks and are feeling a little frisky, you can hop back and hit the dance floor or do a little people watching. For those day-drinkers, there is a great “Beat the Clock” special on Saturday kicking off at Noon and running all afternoon. For the Friday/Saturday night crowd – now and then there is a line to get into the bar (usually after 11), but don’t be dissuaded. The line usually moves fast and waits are usually no more than 10 minutes.

Sunday Sports Bar – Like a highly tuned NASCAR pit crew, The Shannon staff clean up after Saturday night’s debauchery and have transformed the place into a great sports bar by Sunday morning. Whether you’re perched at a stool or at a table in the back, there are TVs in all directions to catch every game (football, baseball, March Madness) while you enjoy the bucket and pitcher specials. Some sports enthusiasts skip over the Shannon because it doesn’t serve food, but it makes for a better experience. Just grab a hero or wings from Luca Brasi’s or Park & Sixth and you can sit at the bar eating and drinking to your heart’s delight. Football fans – there is no better place for Sunday Funday, catching all the NFL games and lazily munching on food all day while checking your fantasy lineups.

The Shannon has something for everyone. Although at times (most weekends) it can get packed, it is a must for those who haven’t already been.

The Drunken Polar Bear

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March 2, 2011

Wicked Wolf Hoboken St. Paddy’s Day 2011

Wicked Wolf St. Patrick's Day 2011Wicked Wolf Hoboken St. Paddy’s Day 2011

Date: 03/05/2011
Event: Come Celebrate Hoboken St Paddy’s Day at Wicked Wolf Tavern!
Saturday March 5th!
Doors open at 9am
Location: 120 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
Phone: 201-659-7500

Get there very early to have the best chance of getting in. All the big sports bars in Hoboken will be packed to capacity fairly quickly if experience is any guide.

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