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March 28, 2012

Let the Hunger/Bar Games Begin! Hoboken Bar Games Roundup by the DPB

“Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.”

Chances are some or most of you will know that is the motto of the Hunger Games, the novel turned movie blockbuster.  I admit I read all 3 books in the trilogy and they’re pretty good.  So this past Saturday morning I saw the Hunger Games in IMAX.  It got me thinking…what are the coolest bar games in Hoboken?  Well it took some serious research and web browsing, but here is my official list.  Important caveat – this list is certainly not 100% complete and I will miss a pool table here or dart board here.  Let’s face it – there are over 50 bars in Hoboken so if I missed something please add it in the comments.  The goal is to keep this list ongoing and current for everyone.

Below is a “best of” list for the major games and then the full list below…

Rack ‘Em Up! (pool tables)

  • DC’s – It’s a small bar and the pool table takes up most of the bar.  But this looks like a place you should be playing pool
  • Mulligans – Just one pool table, but it’s in the backroom with lots of space
  • Willow Billards – It’s a pool hall.  Need I say more? (Rumor is it is closing. Open one day and then bam! Like a pool stick to the head, no more pool?)

Bullseye! (Darts)

  • Shannon – Multiple dart boards in the back room and regular leagues.
  • Cork City – Two dart boards in the back of the bar with ample room and lighting.
  • 8th Street Tavern - They have a Tuesday darts league and steady stream of dart players on other nights.

Buzz! (Trivia)

  • Wicked Wolf – Wednesday night trivia.  Good questions, big teams, fun prizes
  • Mikie Squared – Smaller groups, but still fun team trivia.
  • Marty O’Briens – Themed trivia on television shows and movies.
  • Willie McBride’s - Trivia with Big Brother Star Adam Poch every Wednesday.

That’s a 3-Pointer! (Buck Hunter)

  • Cork City – Right as you walk in.  Where my obsession with the game started…
  • 8th Street Tavern- They have the game too. Get in touch with your inner redneck and down some PBRs while shooting.

Bazinga! (Specialty Category)

  • Bingo at Black Bear – Paired with their burger special it’s a fun way to spend your Wednesday
  • Shuffleboard at Coopers Union – Only table in town and well worth it
  • Everything at Willie McBride’s – They have arcade games, a poker night and mega touch
  • Beer Pong at Scotland Yard – 3-4 beer pong tables.  Come in buzzed, leave drunk…

How about it readers – where are you favorite game spots/what did I miss?


Me Hungry? No way! This Polar Bear is skipping the veggies today!

The Drunken Polar Bear

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July 7, 2011

Louise & Jerry’s – Hoboken’s Best Low Key Drinking Experience

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Louise & Jerry’s

Address: 329 Washington Street, Hoboken NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 656-9698

Hoboken’s Best Low Key Drinking Experience

Well Hobokenites, I am back.  Hot summers make it tough for the Drunken Polar Bear whether it’s the heat or just escaping to cooler, more northern climates.  Don’t fret though, this week I have a bar that will let you beat the heat and the crowds – Louise and Jerry’s. 

Tucked away on Washington, between 3rd & 4th, Louise and Jerry’s can be hard to find amongst all the bigger bars with patios and blasting music.  However, if you find it, you’re certainly in for an authentic Hoboken bar experience.  As one of the older (maybe oldest) bars in Hoboken, L&Js sets itself apart from the surrounding bars with its atmosphere, bar, crowd and some fun extras.


L&Js has a unique feel I haven’t seen replicated in Hoboken and I even struggle to describe with words.  It’s your local neighborhood bar, but also very old school and unpretentious.  It doesn’t aspire to be super trendy, have great drink specials or lure tons of people.  It’s there on Washington not aiming to stand out too much, but that’s its greatest asset. 

The Bar

For those first time visitors, be careful when you enter the bar as you have to walk down a few steps.  I have seen many drunk wobblers take a spill.  When you enter the bar you’ll notice that it’s smaller than you would think.  There are few tables on the inside and then a 20-30 foot stretch of bar with some standing room and a counter.   What the bar lacks up in size it more than makes up for on its walls.  Just take a few minutes and you will see a veritable photographic history of Hoboken hanging there – from 1980’s dart league championship pictures to some classic black and whites.  I always love bars that have great photos and memorabilia that doesn’t look like it was pulled off the wall of your local Applebees.

The Crowd

L&Js pulls in a fun melting pot of drinkers.  You get small pockets of friends meeting for drinks, older regulars perched at the bars, a few dates and even larger groups of mid 20 year olds just starting a night out.  What I love most about the crowds is that you don’t get the throngs of drunkards just coming off the PATH.  Now I have nothing against those folks who drink at the cluster of bars near the PATH, but now and then don’t we all want a less crazy night?

Fun Extras

Part of the reason I got to L&Js is to play pool – they have a great pool table in the back which is only $1.00 in quarters.  Also in the back is a mini shuffleboard table and a dart board.  When you’re back there you can plop yourself down on an interesting variety of chairs and furniture, which may seem out of place, but are very comfortable.  Finally, some guys may complain about the bathroom which is literally about shoulder length wide, but it’s fun and prevents falling when drunk.

Overall, I recommend L&Js to all Hobokenites – but don’t tell too many people so it can remain a local secret!

Finally, if you have any suggestions for bars to review next please post them in the comments below.  With the 100+ bars in Hoboken there isn’t any shortage, but I’m always looking for good suggestions.

- The Drunken Polar Bear


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April 7, 2011

Hoboken Pool Leagues

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Hoboken Pool LeaguesPool leagues in Hoboken?  Sharp shooting ladies of the night and sly Cool Hand Lukes rack em’ up all over Hoboken on any given night. Forget ESPN, Hoboken has some snipers.

As I stand as an onlooker I find myself at McSwiggans.  Its McSwiggans vs Phoenix and Phoenix looks to have the smoother stroke tonight.

These shooters, both teams have the stroke. Be careful out of towners and city folk, Hoboken has some rootin’ tootin’ sharp shooters. Be careful of whom you make your next bet with, you just might be the victim of a Hoboken pool shark

For more about the Hoboken Pool League visit www.hobokenapa.com. On a side note, I’ve been shooting the felts myself for 2 decades. Hoboken is NO JOKE. The innocent are the Tiger Blood, you’ve been warned.

- Rory Chadwick

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