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June 19, 2013

NJ First Lady Mary Pat Christie will visit Chef Anthony Pino’s Anthony David’s at 2pm Today in Hoboken!

Anthony Davids Hoboken Chef Anthony Pino
NJ First Lady Mary Pat Christie will visit Chef Anthony Pino’s The Dining Room at Anthony David’s to call attention to National Dine Out Day, Wednesday June 19th, benefitting the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.
Mrs Christie will visit The Dining Room at 2:00pm, on Wednesday June 19th.  The Dining Room at Anthony David’s (http://www.anthonydavids.com/dr/index.html) is located at 111 Tenth Street, Hoboken.
Chef Anthony Pino’s restaurants in Hoboken will be participating in this effort to raise funds for individuals and families who are still affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Both restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds on this day to the fund.
Chef Pino’s Bin 14 (http://www.bin14.com/index.html) will also participate; it is located at 1413 Washington Street, Hoboken. Chef Pino and the Anthony David’s team continue to contribute to this worthy cause; there are still many people in our communities whose suffering from the storm continues and they need our help.
Link to the web site for National Dine Out Day: http://www.nationaldineoutday.com/
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June 17, 2013

National Dine Out Day for Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund June 19th

Here is a way to enjoy some select Hoboken eateries and participate in a fundraiser for a good cause this Wednesday in Hoboken….

National Dine Out Day for Hurricane Sandy

New Jersey Relief Fund  June 19th 

Dine and or Drink out on June 19th to show we are Jersey Strong! Restaurants and bars are donating a portion of their proceeds for the night to The Fund.  The Shannon of Hoboken is proudly participating on June 19th.  They  will have specials running all night where 100% of those profits will go directly to
Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. Other Hoboken restaurants will be participating below as well.

Dine Out Day - Hurricane Sandy June-19-2013

Here is the list of participating Hoboken establishments:

  • Amanda’s Restaurant – 908 Washington Street
  • Anthony Davids – 953 Bloomfield Street
  • Bin 14 Wine Bar – 1314 Washington Street
  • Carlo’s Bakery – 95 Washington Street
  • Elysian Cafe -  1001 Washington Street
  • Onieal’s Restaurant – 343 Park Avenue
  • The Shannon Hoboken – 106 First Street
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January 25, 2013

Super Bowl Food and Drink Options in Hoboken With the Pilsener Haus and Anthony David’s

Here are just a few Superbowl options for Hoboken fans of the NFL for next weekend’s Superbowl…
Zuperbowl 2013 helmet

Pilsener Haus & Biergarten, 1422 Grand Street, Hoboken (http://www.pilsenerhaus.com/ and phone 201-683-5465) will be showing the game on 4 massive hi-def screens including a HUGE 72-inch screen in the main bier hall.  Enjoy the stadium-like atmosphere, beer specials and perfect game-day food from the grills and the kitchen: pretzels, brats and more…all by Viennese Chef Thomas Ferlesch.

Anthony David’s Gourmet Specialties, 953 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken (http://www.anthonydavids.com/adg/index.html) has a catering menu for those watching at home. Call 201-222-8399 to order for pickup: wings, veal meatballs, spicy Oaxaca dip, or Chef Anthony Pino’s famous crab cakes.  If you’re watching at your friend’s place, don’t just show up with a six-pack!   Catering menu is below….
Anthony David's Super Bowl Catering Menu Hoboken 2013
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June 20, 2012

Anthony Pino’s AD Catering Events Makes Entertaining Easier For The Summer Time

Local renowned Chef Anthony Pino of Hoboken (Anthony Davids, Kolo Club, Bin 14) can help you with your Summer Entertaining needs according this promo….


It’s your party, so enjoy if you want to!


Dad spent Father’s Day working the grill?  Weekends filled with food shopping and slaving over a hot stove?   Playing bus boy to your guests?  Why endure additional stress when you should be enjoying the lazy days of summer?  Put Chef Anthony Pino and AD Catering and Events at your disposal to do the dirty work so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party.

Offering total event management, from linens to staffing and a wide array of mouthwatering options tailored to clients’ summer entertaining needs, AD Catering & Events is the source to help area residents looking to create memorable events this summer for family and friends…at weddings, graduations, confirmations, 4th of July, Labor Day, birthdays and all events big and small in Hoboken, Jersey City, New York City and the surrounding areas.

Chef Pino says, “Our goal is to help clients entertain with ease.  We can work with small to large events at the client’s home, or at Kolo Klub, our new events loft located above Pilsener Haus and Biergarten in Hoboken where we can accommodate up to 200 guests for any type of event.”

Your guests can savor any of these tempting items (partial list):

Summer Salads created with market greens and other local ingredients: Dijon Potato Salad; Watercress and Corn Salad; Cucumber and Mint with Summer Peppers; Orzo with Feta and and Crisp Spinach; Fried Green Tomatoes; Grilled Eggplant with Mint and Garlic; Roasted Eggglant Tapanade with Crostini; Watercress with Anjou Pears and Gorgonzola; Jersey Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella Micro Arugula;

Hot off the Grill: Grilled Prawns White Bean Salad; Grilled Hanger Steak Avocado Salsa; BBQ Pork Tenderloin w/Moroccan Spices; Grilled Salmon, Artichokes and Tomatoes; Grilled Lamb Sirloin with Mint and Bing Cherries;

Fresh from the Sea: Homemade Crab Cakes, Lemon-Caper Aioli; Grilled Sea Scallops with Creamed Corn and Oranges; Atlantic Raw Bar L.A. Sushi Bar

Since its 2009 inception, Chef Anthony Pino’s AD Catering & Events has already established itself as the “go to” caterer for events for the foremost, fashionable and famous, including Coach, Vera Wang, Chase, HGTV, Morgan Stanley, Natalie Morales, Eli Manning and former NJ Governor John Corzine, just to name a few.

Contact Vincent Chrysler at info@anthonydavids.com to learn how AD Catering | Events can help make your special event dream a reality.  For more information visit www.anthonydavids.com.

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June 15, 2012

8 Father’s Day Cravings Satisfied: Best Hoboken Restaurants to Take Dad to Eat by Hoboken Girl

The “Hoboken Girl” is back with a new post/guest column on the best places to take dad for Father’s Day in Hoboken which is Sunday June 17th this year…..

Father’s Day is fast approaching – and sometimes, it’s more important to spend QT with dad than anything else. I always say that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, and dad is no different! So, I’ve compiled a list of places to take dad to eat in Hoboken, depending on his cravings. Do men even get cravings? Anyway, I digress.

 1. Dad loves Brunch: Court Street (61 6th Street)

Court Street is a wonderful brunch spot. My favorite brunch drink is the Pointsetta – a mimosa with a twist (cranberry + champagne). Classy yet casual is the brunch vibe here.

…or 10th & Willow (935 Willow Avenue)

10th and Willow is another great brunch spot with a classy yet casual feeling. The Cream Cheese & Strawberry-Stuffed French Toast and the Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes are some of my favorites. There are also a lot of yummy egg options.

2. Dad loves a Burger & Fries: Helmer’s Restaurant (1036 Washington Street)

The burgers at Helmer’s are delicious, so my friends say. Being a quasi-vegetarian, I haven’t tried them. But I have had numerous Hoboken sources tell me that Helmer’s is the best if you’re looking for a juicy burger.

3. Dad is a Lush: The Turtle Club (936 Park Avenue)

Besides delicious food, the Turtle Club has an extensive wine, beer, and bourbon selection. Many of the wines are family-owned and organic vineyards. Can’t beat that!

4. Dad loves Sushi: Robongi (520 Washington Street)

I don’t know many dads that love sushi – but hey, I could be wrong. That being said, if dad has a sushi craving, Robongi is definitely the way to go. It’s Zagat-rated, fun, and always appearing on my Instagram account. I order it weekly, if not more. The sweet potato rolls are the bomb.

5. Dad loves Mexican: Charritos (1024 Washington Street)

There are two Charritos locations, but I prefer the uptown one. They make guacamole for you to order, right there, in front of you. It’s pretty amazing, and sure to wow dad. They also serve margarita mix, in which you can BYO Tequila.

6. Dad loves Seafood: Elysian Cafe (1001 Washington Street)

I am a scallops fan, and I love Elysian’s scallops. I also have taste tested the mussels, and they are delicious. Elysian has a very casual yet upscale feel which will make Dad feel right at home. They also have a great brunch!

…or Anthony David’s (953 Bloomfield Street)

Anthony David’s scallops are also out of this world. Most things you taste here will be just delectable. It’s also BYOB, an added bonus, if dad is a lush. In which case, see #3.

7. Dad loves Italian: Augustinos (1104 Washington Street)

I recently tried Augustino’s for the first time, and I realized the hype was totally worth it. Delicious chicken parm, delicious appetizers, delicious wine, and great service. Dad will love this place if he is an Italian food lover! They don’t take reservations on the weekends, which is a bummer – so hopefully you can get a spot. Go early – and expect a wait.

8. Dad loves Brick Oven Pizza: Grimaldi’s (411 Washington Street)

If Dad is a specialty pizza lover, he’ll love Grimaldi’s. Casual ambiance, delicious wines, and amazing pizzas. I recommend the eggplant + ricotta pizza (not on the menu) – just ask for it.

With this guide, you’re bound to eat some fantastic dishes and have some fun time with pops.  Regardless of what you do with your dad — make sure to enjoy the day!

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June 12, 2012

Kolo Klub of Hoboken Sneak Preview Photos

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview 2 HDR

TheBoken.com got a sneak preview of an exciting business opening up above the Pilsenser Haus in Hoboken soon called the Kolo Klub last week . It is a banquet and performance hall by the same owners of the well received and run Pilsener Haus. The decor is reminiscent of a time at least 100 years ago. The space is divided into tow areas a main hall which seats close to 200 patrons and a smaller party room that seats 25-30.

The place is still not completed but is anticipated to open soon. Chef Anthony Pino will be responsible for catering the food and private events like weddings corporate parties are expected in addition to musical acts as well as acts as diverse as a possible magic show. The owners of the Pilsener Haus are batting 1.000 so far with pre-opening buzz. If the success of the Pilsener Haus to date is any indication I think we have another home run on our hands in Hoboken. The details of this new hall are really well conceived and executed and a rent-able space for special events is something that Hoboken can use more of.

Kolo Klub

Address: 1422 Grand Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201.683.5465
Email: events@koloklub.com
Website: http://www.koloklub.com/

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview 1 HDR

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview 4 HDR

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview 3 HDR

Kolok Klub Hoboken Sneak Preview

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview

Kolo Klub Hoboken Preview

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February 11, 2012

Valentine’s Day on Washington Street in Hoboken

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and some of you might be contemplating what to get that special Hoboken someone. Trekking down Washington Street recently, I found a variety of Hoboken reds, jewels, sweets, and designer duds to please even the pickiest of valentines.

Here are some ideas to get you started, depending on which type of Valentine you are dealing with:

1.    The Sentimental/Traditional Valentine:

Some traditional yet trendy heart Shaped Earrings from Townhouse 620 might do the trick.

Townhouse 620 Earrings

Compliment those with some chocolates from the Garden of Eden, but make sure they’re in a cute box like these:

Carlo’s Bakery also boasts some lavish cakes, Italian desserts, and of course, chocolate dipped strawberries.

2. The Friends with Benefits Valentine:

Want to go the flower route but feel like it might be a little soon? Try these nontraditional flowers…they’re actually red underwear, rolled up in a ball in the shape of flowers. Found at YES I DO!

3. The “It’s Kind of Serious” Valentine:

Some hot dinner spots to treat this type of Valentine to include Anthony Davids for delicious food or Augustinos on 11th & Washington, a little Italian gem of a place – or perhaps some wine tasting and apps at Bin 14 or Amanda’s.

For added bonus gifts, please refer to #1.

4.  The Live-In Valentine

Perhaps you are sharing living space with your valentine…what better than an adorable apron from Ricky’s on Washington so your valentine can look super chic while cooking? Or you could wear it yourself as a surprise and cook a fabulous dinner for two.

For all of the snail mail goes in and out of your shared abode: a Monogram maker from YES I DO.

5. The Pet-Loving Valentine

Find your way to your Valentine’s heart than through a puppy jacket from Hoboken Pets on Washington.

Or treat your valentine’s pooch to a cleaning at the Hoboken Dog Wash on 4th Street!

6. Fashionista Valentine:

As a fellow fashion enthusiast, another option is to treat her to some designer deals at the recently relocated (just upstairs!) Midtown Authentic, where you’ll find purses galore! Check out the store’s new purse wall and rooms chock full of designer finds.

Also for the fashion-conscious: Iconic Fashion Lounge has some adorable Rebecca Minckoff bags in various color pops. My favorite is the bold blue.

8. The Stressed Out Valentine

For the valentine that works hard all day long, a massage treat at Bliss or Massage Envy. Reap the benefits of your gift with a couples’ massage to boot.

Or,  perhaps a mani/pedi gift certificate to one of the many nail salons around Hoboken. My favorites include Bloom and the Nail Bar.

9. The Single Girl/Friend Valentine:

Recent breakup revenge can be found with an Ex Voodoo Doll from YES I DO! on Washington Street.

Or spend a girls night out at the Melting Pot – lots of fondue!

10. The Alternative Valentine

For off-the-beaten-path ideas, sign up for a healthy cooking class with Healthy Hoboken Girl or a cake decorating session at Carlo’s Lackawanna Factory.

Sewing classes for the thread-challenged or crafty alike at M Avery Designs, and another unconventional gift: a certificate to Hoboken Car Wash – a complete detailing will surely make your valentine forget about how difficult parking can be at times with a sparkly wash and shine.

Regardless of the type of Valentine cupid is shooting down for you this season, be sure to treat him/her well. There are endless amounts of treats and experiences that can be found in the Mile Square City…only a few days left, so get to it!

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February 21, 2011

Cooking With Chef Pino of Anthony David’s ~ “Pasta Bolognese”

Chef Pino

Chef Anthony Pino is the owner of two great restaurants here in Hoboken, NJ.  His first restaurant “The Dining Room at Anthony David’s” is located on the corner of 10th and Bloomfield Streets.  After a successful stint with Anthony David’s Gourmet Market, which was a take-out and catering shoppe that was popular in the community, The Dining Room area was opened in September of 2002.

Chef Pino’s other restaurant “Bin 14” located 1314 Washington Street is Hoboken’s first and only true Wine Bar.  Offering one of the best wine lists in the area,  Bin 14 hit the ground running and has been named a top restaurant in the metro area by The New York Times.

Chef Pino Cooking

Chef Pino has been doing a featured Sunday Cooking Video for the last couple of months that he has been sharing with his fans on facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  The Boken Online wants to share Chef Pino’s recipes and cooking style with all of Hoboken and TheBokenOnline readers!  Enjoy and be sure to become of fan of Chef Pino and his restaurants on facebook to receive recipes and special deals!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De3Q2eBwczI

Click on the logo’s below to visit the restaurants website and Chef Pino’s Fan page on facebook:

Anthony David's Hoboken Bin 14

facebookThe Boken Online’s newest feature story “Cooking With Chef Pino” will be a weekly article here on TheBokenOnline.com!

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