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June 4, 2009


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We got bored with the other Hoboken sites out there, and decided to poke around the Boken, to bring you something good.

Launched in July of 2009, The Boken Online provides extensive coverage of the Hoboken, NJ restaurant, nightlife and bar scene – and just about anything else you want to know.  This all started after a couple bottles of wine at Margaritas one night, and the urge to start a Twitter feed about all things Boken.

We’ve teamed up with a local dog to make sure you’re covered with original reporting; user-generated tips, rants and raves, and most importantly, Boken’s Best. Updated as often as we can, if it’s not on The Boken, you don’t have to know about it.

The Boken relies on emails from readers, whose correspondence is the lifeblood of the site. We are new at this, and we want to hear from you!  Anonymity, if you wish, will be assumed and protected. Reader tips can be emailed to theboken@gmail.com. We try like hell to respond to every email, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. Email again if you think we’ve ignored you unjustly.

Nothing makes us happier than publishing an amazing photo, or camera phone snap, taken by one of our readers. When you email us photos, the photos become the property of The Boken and we reserve the right to print any and/or all at our discretion unless you say otherwise.

The Boken gladly accepts advertising. All advertising on the site is always clearly noted as such and does not influence our editorial coverage. For more about advertising with us, please see email theboken@gmail.com.

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